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Key Attributes to Help You Choose an Insurance Recruiter

The recruiter should be an advisor who adds value to your talent acquisition efforts and is a brand ambassador who represents your organization the same way any employee would.

Compensation Trends Reshaping Client Service Salaries Within Insurance Agencies

With roles such as CSR, account manager, and account executive constituting over 60% of agency hires, it’s imperative that customer service salaries are the centerpiece of compensation review.

Why Insurance Professionals Will Change Jobs in 2024

The first recruiting priority for insurance agencies should be retention. A mindset focused on employee retention makes recruiting easier. Here are some common themes that should give you pause on where your recruiting and retention is vulnerable.

Insurance Agency Client Service Hiring Trends for 2024

This year, my gut read is that insurance agency hiring will be less about niche roles and more focused on solving problems created by recent talent shortages.

How to Create a “Candidate First” Approach to Recruiting

As an employer trying to recruit top talent, your ability to speak to issues candidates care about is critical to successful recruiting. This is the essence of the candidate experience.

Should I Use an Insurance Recruiter to Make Critical Year-End Hires?

We have had job openings that we’ve been unable to fill for months, and we’re getting worried with the end of the year coming up. When is it time to reach out to a recruiting firm?

Write Job Advertisements That Attract Top Insurance Talent

When it comes to recruiting, the tools that have the best chance of helping you source top talent are job ads. That’s why how they are written is so important to your recruiting success.

What’s the Best Recruiting Tool to Find Insurance Talent? The Answer Might Surprise You.

If a business has brand familiarity with your agency, then they are more likely to invite you into the RFP process. The same is true with prospective employees. People who have already applied, interviewed, or stayed in touch with HR or a hiring manager are the best recruits for new openings.

Six Strategies That Take Weeks Off Your Hiring Process

Do you think your hiring process takes too long? Have issues with timing cost you time, money, and the chance to hire top talent?

Is Insurance Recruiting Being Impacted by AI?

How much of an impact is artificial intelligence making already on insurance industry recruiting? To try and answer this question, I thought about the biggest pieces of the recruiting process where insurance companies and agencies spend the bulk of their time.

Why Recruiter Retention Is a Problem for Insurance Agencies

It seems like most internal recruiters don’t last longer than two years, and the majority leave for a job outside the insurance industry. What pushes people in HR and talent acquisition to early resignations?

A Great Pitch Recruits Insurance Producers in a Competitive Job Market

You must strive to make every producer recruiting project unique. You need to isolate specific skills (aka, a great profile) and have a compelling story (aka, a unique pitch).

A Checklist to Successfully Hire Remote Account Managers

How do so many agencies end up with frustrated remote employees? Remote is only a temporary solution if you can’t retain hires at the same rate as in-office employees.

Women Insurance Pros on Balance, Community, & the Future

I know amazing women. Their answers to “What’s happening for women in the insurance industry?” revealed consistent themes on gender equality and everyone’s role in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

Answers Inexperienced Job Seekers Want About Insurance Careers

As a hiring manager, you know spring graduation is right around the corner. If you plan to recruit young or inexperienced talent, I hope you’ll think about my journey and incorporate my advice into your process.

5 Steps to Kickstart 2023 Recruiting

These are the Capstone team’s top tips for your recruiting success this year.

Insurance Agencies Share Recruiting Lessons from 2022

To achieve meet your 2023 hiring goals, I recommend using what works in sales and service for recruiting.

9 Talent Acquisition Goals for Insurance Organizations in 2023

To achieve meet your 2023 hiring goals, I recommend using what works in sales and service for recruiting.

Is Our Company at a Recruiting Disadvantage?

Many insurance organizations are their own worst enemy when it comes to recruiting. Be honest. Ask yourself, “Are any of these things going on at our company?”

Tools Every Insurance Agency Needs to Recruit Account Managers

With the insurance industry’s labor market being as tight as it is, now is the time to assess your sourcing resources. There are ways to recruit account managers that are different and more effective than those used to recruit producers or managers.

Information Job Applicants Are Reluctant to Share During an Interview

What makes the difference between you winning or losing out on the hire? The answer for me is an exceptional interview process.

6 Conversation Starters About Recruiting for Your Next Executive Meeting

These are a few ways to start meaningful discussions about hiring and recruiting.

7 Questions Job Seekers Ask About Remote Jobs

Job seekers need to know if you, the employer, can make a remote work arrangement successful.

What It Takes to Hire Insurance Talent in Today’s Job Market

What do candidates want and need to make a job change these days?

10 Questions to Ask When Conducting a Reference Check

Any part of your process that creates delays chips away at your ability to compete for top talent. Reference checking is one area where a lot of insurance organizations need to improve.

Retained Searches: Three Things to Know Before Engaging with a Recruiter

Think about retained searches as an extension of your internal talent acquisition capabilities.

What Candidates Say a Good Offer Looks Like

If you want to gain a competitive recruiting advantage, start by analyzing the end of your process. Offering candidates what they say makes a good offer sets you up for enormous success.

The Hot, Trendy, Must-Have Insurance Jobs of 2022

It’s a candidate-driven job market, and as a result, job seekers are changing the way the hiring process works.

3 Modern Hiring Practices to Attract Top Talent

It’s a candidate-driven job market, and as a result, job seekers are changing the way the hiring process works.

12 Hiring & Recruiting Ideas for Insurance Organizations

This list is a good starting point to help you start conversations, brainstorm ideas, and find ways to adapt your hiring and recruiting.

Are Job Boards the Best Way to Find Insurance Talent?

It’s a little bit of mass marketing and a little more like putting up a billboard on the interstate. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on who you’re trying to attract.

Pay Compression Creates Challenges for Agencies Hiring Client Service Talent

One thing 2021 has shown insurance agencies is that competing for top Account Executive & Account Manager talent boils down to money.

Building an Executive Search Strategy Starts With These 10 Questions

If your company is uncertain about where or how to begin an executive hire, here are ten questions that will help you formulate a recruiting plan.

A Leadership Hire for 2022

An engaged process will help you find the right candidates as quickly as possible.

3 Ways to Accomplish Diversity & Inclusion in the Hiring Process

More insurance organizations than not have trouble applying DE&I strategies on a daily basis. Because my expertise is in recruiting, I see an opportunity for insurance organizations to do a better job practicing these principles in the hiring process.

5 Questions Graduates Want to Know About Insurance Careers

Selling a college graduate on an insurance career is a totally different pitch than recruiting an experienced industry professional

The Gig Economy Offers a Fresh Take On Talent Acquisition

I think the convergence of two trends — the mass retirement exodus and COVID-19 pandemic layoffs — offer an opportunity to tap into a new type of talent pool.

How Insurance Agencies Find Sales Talent in Small Markets

Small markets pose a unique challenge for agencies looking to grow. You have more options than just the “born and bred” hometown producer, including newbies, out-of-industry converts, and returning home stories.

Need an Edge to Hire Passive Insurance Job Seekers? Here’s How.

Job offers are the perfect time to set your organization apart. Client service, sales and executive insurance professionals all look for something a little different.

Three Steps to Improve Your Hiring Process

Just like selling a home, getting your agency’s house “market ready” is equally as necessary to ensure a successful hire.

4 Progressive Jobs Insurance Agencies Will Hire in 2021

These four positions gained momentum last year. If they didn’t hit your radar screen then, I can promise you’ll hear about them in 2021.

How Your Diversity & Inclusion Plan Can Positively Impact Recruiting

Prior to 2020, I sensed most agencies were simply trying to construct a plan. Now their goal is to design a meaningful plan that impacts their business on a daily basis.

Dear Insurance Agency: Never Say This to a Potential Producer During An Interview

If you utter any of these three phrases, the candidate interprets the exact opposite intent. Producers believe you’re not really looking to hire a salesperson, and they are immediately disinterested.

Positive Leaders Are a Valuable Commodity to Insurance Organizations in 2021

As we move into 2021, with issues old and new (thanks COVID), please keep these things in mind as you think about recruiting, hiring and integrating effective leaders.

8 Things Candidates Love (Or Hate) About Job Offers

These are easy things I hope you’re already doing, but if not, then let this list be a great conversation starter with your leadership team.

Three 2021 Talent Acquisition Strategies for Insurance Organizations

While many of the basic tenets of insurance have remained steady for the past several years, the face of the industry has definitely changed. The age-old question is worth asking again, “What should be our company’s strategy to recruit experienced insurance talent?”

What Type of Competitive Compensation Creates Hiring Success?

The most important thing you can do is think outside of the box. You need to stand out in what is still a highly competitive market for good talent.

Three Indicators Your 2021 Talent Strategy Will Be Successful

As you build your 2021 hiring plan, it’s important to measure success along the way. These three indicators are adopted throughout the business community and can be applied to agency hires.

The Ten Hottest Insurance Jobs In 2020

We’re constantly asked what we’re seeing out there for insurance job trends. Well, a little bit of everything!

Ten Ways to Improve Your Job Advertisement Performance

Get the most ‘Bang 4 Your Buck’ on job posting websites with our Top 10 list!

Time to Rethink Your Account Manager Recruiting Strategies

Now is when you make a big push to recruit experienced account managers. I urge you not to use the same old process. Try new things. Push different agendas. Tout benefits and perks that are important to your audience. 

COVID-19 Gives Agencies Time to Evaluate Hiring Methods

I believe the hiring process has the greatest ability to affect an agency’s success or failure.

Four Steps To Build A Producer Recruiting Plan

Producer profiles are as unique as the insurance agencies that recruit them. These tips will provide you a road map or affirm the things you are currently doing in yours.

Ten Ways Companies Impress Candidates During Interviews

You want your company to stand out. To be memorable. To differentiate yourself from competitors. Do this by giving the applicant an interview experience they don’t expect. 

Diversity Hiring Is Top of Mind for Insurance Organizations: Inclusive Workforce Key to Recruiting Success After COVID-19

The insurance industry has had its share of struggles developing diversity hiring plans. While that’s not new news, I anticipate this topic becoming a central theme for 2020 & 2021 hiring because of COVID-19.

Your Template to Write an Awesome Insurance Job Advertisement

A job description is the most important step to launch your recruiting project and I want you to be AWESOME at writing them!

Recruiting Contracts: Customized Terms to Fit Your Staffing Needs

Looking at contracts on a case-by-case basis ensures a good use of your money and time as well as increases your success partnering with a search firm.

Recruiting Contracts: Your Guide For Pricing, Terms, & Conditions

Like any contract, you want to understand the intent and be mindful of the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

How To Stretch Your Recruiting Budget During & After COVID-19

Even during the Coronavirus, your hiring can prosper. You cannot and should not abandon your 2020 recruiting plans. Simply readjust and refine them to fit short & long-term plans.

A Three-Part Hiring Plan During COVID-19

Even during the Coronavirus, your hiring can prosper. You cannot and should not abandon your 2020 recruiting plans. Simply readjust and refine them to fit short & long-term plans.

How to Maximize Your Recruiting Budget

If you set the budget correctly at the beginning of your hiring plan, it will stretch for all shapes and sizes of hiring needs.

Five Lies Insurance Agencies Believe About Recruiting

As you read this list, I want you to think: Are these lies present in my firm? Am I part of the problem? Can I be part of the solution?

Prioritize Your Insurance Talent Sourcing: Three Sources to Utilize

There are so many answers to dissect recruiting problems that we often get lost in the abundance of information.  I can simplify the answer for you.

Three Strategies to Retain Newly Hired Insurance Producers

If you want to retain new insurance producers, you need to rethink strategies for the first 90 days of employment.

Has Our Company Partnered with a Bad Recruiter?

You’re using a recruiter to help fill jobs, but warning bells are going off.  If you have experienced any of the following signs, then you should find a new staffing partner. 

What’s Your Recruiting Firm’s Value Added Proposition?

A recruiter value proposition means that they have a real understanding of you and your markets.

Compensation Is Your Agency’s #1 Recruiting Tool

While all sorts of factors are important to job seekers, the truth is if you offered the exact opposite work environment but awesome money you can still hire experienced talent.

How Agencies Design Proformas To Boost Sales Hires

The key is designing proformas to accomplish hiring success.

Sales Presentations Guarantee Successful Producer Hires

You do not want to make bad sales hires in the future. You want as close to a 100% guarantee as possible.

Let’s Consider The Current Talent Shortage Issue

Now is a great time to re-evaluate current job openings, as well as plan recruiting strategies going forward.

Quickly Wrap Up 2019 Hires

It’s beginning to look a lot like Q4!

20 Ways to Reinvigorate Your 2020 Recruiting

Identify. Attract. Retain.

Create A Powerful Offer in Six Easy Steps

Offers are more than a letter. They are a process. Avoid a stumbling block with these tips!

Why You Should Offer Signing Bonuses

Signing bonuses are a useful recruiting tool in so many business sectors. Why not try it in insurance?

Lacking Structure: My Agency’s Biggest Recruiting Problem

If you’re guilty of some or all of these points, you need more structure.

Simple Acts of Kindness Become Your #1 Recruiting Tool

Wooing candidates may get them in the door for a conversation, but simple acts of kindness are what push them over the threshold.

Relocation Candidates: Steps To Ensure A Successful New Hire

I believe there’s a formula you can follow to vet relocation candidates. This, along with all your other interviewing resources, should give you confidence in the likelihood of a successful hire.

School’s In Session: Three Ways Your Agency Earns An “A+” In Producer Recruiting

At the end of the day when you stop focusing just on, ‘I need to find a candidate,’ its easy to see how agencies achieve their goals or get off track.

Your Agency’s Next Big Recruit: Retirement Planning Sales Executive

A fully engaged workforce sees financial wellbeing as equally important as physical wellbeing.

These Insurance Positions Are Perfect For A Retained Search

Retained recruiting projects can provide significant benefits to the search process.

How To Modernize Interview Questions

The first step is recognizing bad interview questions and the second step is fixing them.

Bad Dad Jokes: Interview Questions Need Updating

Bad dad jokes will never truly get me in trouble, but your company faces significant risk based on questions being asked.

Losing Money When You Delay An Executive Search

The revelation I’ve come to over the past month is that the financial examples have been in front of us the whole time. It’s all in the eye of the beholder; that person being your prospective candidate.

Producer Recruiting: Two Schools of Thought for 2020

As you make hiring plans for 2020, ponder the comments I hear agencies make about producer recruiting.

101 Sales & Marketing Ideas For Agencies

Great advice for your company!

Money Talks in Every Aspect of Recruiting

The impact of compensation on recruiting has been an evolving discussion.

Introducing Captain Contract- A Recruiting Superhero Saves The Day

Temporary staff and work from home positions are becoming increasingly more popular as companies and brokers navigate the unique circumstances of their market.

Partner or Pariah? 5 Hacks to Improve Your Experience Working With Recruiters

Your viewpoint has produced your history with recruiters. That future can change.

Some Things Age Well. A Recruiting Project Is Not One of Them.

Delays affect thousands of professionals in different ways.

Better Cold Calls = Better Candidates: Five Ways to Plan Your Direct Dial Strategy

You can’t find the people you want. What’s missing?

A Clear Path For Agencies Hiring Young Account Managers

Agencies carry a sizeable burden for developing the next generation of insurance professionals.

A Successful Interview Starts With Your “Behind the Scenes” Prep Work

You expect candidates to do their homework before an interview……but what about yours?!  Ensuring a successful interview starts with four easy steps.

Why Is It So Hard To Find Commercial Service Staff?

Staffing can be as maddening as wedding dress shopping. For insurance agencies the one role that seems to be an ongoing issue is commercial service.

Build Your Best Elevator Speech To Recruit Passive Insurance Candidates

An elevator speech sets the tone for your entire recruiting process.

Post-Acceptance Pro Tips: Don’t Lose The Candidate Before They Start

Interviewing is like dating. Working together is like getting married. That time between engagement and the altar is a scary moment of self-reflection for candidates.

Resources For You To Hire Relocation Candidates

It is common within the insurance industry for people to relocate for their next career opportunity.

Remote Employees: Your Biggest Game Changer to Fill Openings Now

What are opportunities for women in the insurance industry?

Recruiting Contracts Designed For Insurance Organizations

We don’t recommend the ‘one size fits all’ practice.

Ready To Launch! Five Steps That Kick Off Your Recruiting

According to LinkedIn and CareerBuilder, in an ultra-competitive job market, you have four seconds to get a candidate’s attention.

Remote Employees: Who Are They? Do I Need Them? How Do I Manage Them?

Meet experienced professionals where they are and expand.

How To Choose A Recruiting Partner. This Is Capstone!

There over 19,000 staffing and recruiting firms in the United States.

In Their Own Words: Why Producers Change Jobs

Interviews from several producers that Capstone assisted in 2018.

Embrace the Change: A Faster Hiring Process

Hiring faster does not mean you make a rash decision. Desperation is the worst type of hire.

How and Where to Start When an Agency Leader Retires

Recruiting to fill senior positions due to retirement is a bit like starting a family.

Recruiting Designed To Find Niche Insurance Professionals

For many years insurance agencies have targeted producers that can build a vertical market within a particular niche.

Insurance Jobs: Companies Use Mid-Level Roles To Find Gen X Executive Talent

I’m assisting an insurance company in the Northeast with a Division Director project.

Agencies Promote Soft Benefits to Gain A Distinct Recruiting Advantage

The conversation about soft benefits isn’t “what” but “why and when.”

How to Interview a Millennial Account Manager

What is the best way your agency can interview account managers when 50% of the workforce is comprised of Millennials and 25% are Baby Boomers?

Three Female Agency Leaders On Opportunities In Insurance

What are opportunities for women in the insurance industry?

Planning Ahead – Tips for 2019 Hiring Needs

As you set goals and agendas for hiring in the new year, we wanted to provide a cheat sheet as a guideline of what is trending in the coming year.

Why Account Managers Leave One Agency For Another

The best way to examine the root cause is through the lens of the candidate’s motivation.

Incorporating Your Agency’s Character Into The Recruiting Process

We work with a broad spectrum of clients, from small agencies in rural areas to large national firms in the biggest cities.

Where’s Waldo? Enticing Experienced Producers To Your Agency

Having a tough time finding candidates? Here’s what you should do.

What Is A ‘Contingent Worker’? …..and Other Insurance Agency Questions About Contract Employees

I’m always really surprised that given the difficulty insurance agencies face hiring CSRs and Account Managers that more don’t utilize contract employees.

Strategies For Successful Q4 Recruiting

Q4: A Love/Hate Season for Insurance Agencies to Recruit

It Took an Agency HOW Long to Hire A Commercial Lines Manager?!

Engagement is key to successful talent acquisition.

A Pain Free Process: Proactive Agency Recruiting

Your biggest obstacles are the bad habits hiring managers have adopted over the years.

The ABCs of Interviews

I may be dating myself here, but how many of you remember the infamous scene in Glengarry Glen Ross when Alec Baldwin talks about ABC standing for Always. Be. Closing.

2018 Insurance Industry Recruiting Trends

Pay attention if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

New Ways To Ask An Old Question About Current Compensation

More and more states are passing legislation making it unlawful for companies to request pay history from a candidate.

How to Avoid Draft Day Mistakes With Insurance Producer Recruiting

It always strikes me curious about how people react to their team’s draft choices in the NFL.

Producers Join Agencies With Unique Branding & Advertising Resources

Any insurance agent can hang their own shingle, but the idea that we’re better together drives salespeople to work for larger insurance agencies.

Why Can’t I Find Good Insurance Producers?

Get Healthy/Get Fit is the top New Year’s Resolution for 2017.

Soft Benefits: Another Reason to Offer Flex Schedules

I’ve fielded more questions about competitive benefits in the last eight months than over the past three years combined.

Does Everyone Want a Work-From-Home Position?

I had a conversation with an insurance agency today about their interviews for account management openings.

How To Greet A Candidate For A Job Interview

It may seem like a simple idea, but it is so often mishandled – how to greet a candidate coming into your office for a face-to-fact job interview.

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