September 14, 2020

Ten Ways to Improve Your Job Advertisement Performance

by Mary Newgard

There is no such thing as a free job advertisement. Even your own website costs money to maintain not to mention the annual rates and ‘sponsoring’ costs on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Careerbuilder, Monster and more!

Get the most ‘Bang 4 Your Buck’ with our Top 10 list to improve job advertisement performance.

  1. Make It Interesting– Give a ‘behind the scenes’ narrative of your company and the reason for this opening.
  2. Make It Visually Appealing– Most applicants read job ads on a mobile device. Verbal diarrhea in a 2-page post is a bad idea. Keep the length to one scroll.
  3. Add Links– Candidates don’t blindly apply. They research your website first. Make sure to include a link to one of these pages- Home, Career or About Us.
  4. Encourage Social Media Visits– Give a feel for your culture. Invite applicants to follow you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  5. Boost with Statistics– Add in an employee testimonial or reference Glassdoor reviews with additional information on salary, retention and hiring statistics.
  6. Outline the Process- A “Once You Apply” section has three bullet points telling candidates what to expect. This can include a profile assessment, virtual interview or background check/drug screen.
  7. Include Compensation Information- Do you get tired of receiving unqualified applications? This is easily solved by listing compensation. Titles are not enough to denote level of position. List a salary range.
  8. Overshare Benefits Information- Do not take for granted the programs you over. A lot of employees are frustrated with lack of affordable healthcare, company sponsored 401(k) and Paid Time Off. List everything you offer.
  9. Track Application Sources- Don’t post on every job board unless they all yield high results. Track where you source the right applicants from…who are ultimately interviewed and hired. Pump more money into those sites and eliminate other contracts.
  10. Refresh and Rewrite Postings- It only takes 7 days for your job posting to become ‘old’. Job seekers rarely view jobs past the second page of results. Refresh, rewrite or repost your job every 30 days at the max.


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