March 4, 2019

Embrace the Change: A Faster Hiring Process

by Amy Stuntz

Hiring faster does not mean you make a rash decision. Desperation is the worst type of hire. That said, in my profession I see a lot of insurance companies and agencies struggling with timing. Candidates sense and respond to speed and efficiency, whether it’s good or bad. Nothing can sway blobtop talent more than the feeling of being actively courted or strung along.

With this in mind, I think it bears a simple reminder. The best candidates aren’t free for long. This is especially true with contract hires. If you’re not quick to the draw, making a decision or relaying an offer to the candidate, they will go somewhere. According to, “Top candidates are typically off the market in 10 days.”

Expect _________ When Timing Is a Hiring Priority

  1. Pushback From Leadership. People often resist change. Plus, it forces the issue of accountability which is a tough but necessary position for you to be in. You’ve worked hard to find the candidate so don’t let someone else jeopardize the process because they aren’t as invested in it.
  2. Fully Present Behavior. A well-designed and well-executed hiring process allows people to be fully present and have conversations that really matter. A faster approach enables interviewers to focus on people, not the process.
  3. Increased Candidate Satisfaction. Candidates appreciate a more efficient process. Mutual trust is built when they believe they are dealing with a company that is serious about hiring.

Hiring quickly means being mindful of your company’s time and resources. If you want to land top candidates, you must adjust your hiring timeframe and end date, so that it matches the time period when your target candidates will remain in the job market. You wouldn’t wait until 5pm when Black Friday shopping and expect to still find great merchandise. You camp out the night before to be the first in line and make that mad dash for the best merchandise…and you buy it right away! Recruiting top talent operates on a similar model.


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