February 1, 2022

The Hot, Trendy, Must-Have Insurance Jobs of 2022

by Chris Winterboer

Predicting job trends sometimes feels like guessing the winning Powerball combo. In other words, next to impossible! That said, “What will be the hot insurance jobs in 2022?” is a question we field from job seekers and hiring executives at the start of every new year. People want a forecast, to know what’s ahead and what they are up against in the job market. Interestingly, Forbes’ article The Top Five Growing Career Fields in 2022 leaned into the insurance industry with #4 and #5 (perhaps without even realizing it, I think!).

Below are our predictions for the hot, trendy, must-have insurance jobs of 2022. The Forbes article is a good start, but even better is all the activity we saw in 2021 that is sure to carry over. Here you go!

Actuarial & Statistics

Forbes #5 ‘growing career field’ is absolutely a ‘hot insurance job’ for 2022. These positions are not relegated just to insurance companies. While insurance remains a relationship business, there are a lot of savvy customers out there demanding more resources from their agents and brokers in data analytics, claims analytics, and other strong technical roles across the insurance industry.

You want to hire for these roles… to keep up with the Joneses. Give yourself as much of a head start as possible before the hire date to start sourcing. In most cases it takes several months to identify and recruit these candidates.

Insurance-Specific Technology

Executives in Human Resources, Operations, and Risk Management want their insurance partners to help with Information Technology, HRIS, system integration, system migration, system updates, and more. We saw a surge in hiring activity in 2021 as carriers, consulting firms, and brokers searched for tech savvy professionals to add to client engagement teams.

You want to hire for these roles… if your clients demand solutions in data management and tech integration. In most cases you will need to source outside the insurance industry, and because this stretches your sourcing comfort zone we recommend engaging a recruiter that has experience with similar hiring projects. They can guide you on how to structure the job description, experience requirements, and compensation expectations.

Underwriting & Account Management

At first blush you might think these positions should be in separate categories. Many years ago, we would have said the same thing but not in this current job climate. At the top of the list for hottest “technical insurance careers” you’ll find a tie between underwriting and account management. Carriers, brokers, and insurance agencies constantly have these openings.

You want to hire for these roles… if you will cross train an experienced insurance professional from one discipline to the other. Can you train an account manager to become an underwriter? Can you convert an underwriter into an account manager? If your answer is yes, then your goal for 2022 is to adapt, broaden, or rewrite your job profiles. In doing so, you’ve dramatically increased your talent pool and diversified it with a multi-generational profile that reaches college graduates and experienced insurance professionals alike.

As you consider any, or perhaps all, of these categories, please reach out to us at any time to further discuss how to accomplish your goals to stay in front of these trends. Knowing is half the battle, but taking action is always the second half of the equation. We are here to listen, advise, and guide you through these decisions.


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