January 24, 2022

3 Modern Hiring Practices to Attract Top Talent

by Mary Newgard

It’s a candidate-driven job market, and as a result, job seekers are changing the way the hiring process works. Evolution is natural. I remember when I started recruiting in 2006, we faxed resumes and applicants looked for jobs in the newspaper. I’m guessing you remember a time when hiring looked very different at your company than it is today.

What you’ll find in 2022 is that changes to the job search process are powered by candidate behaviors and expectations. If you want to attract top talent, experienced insurance professionals, and the next generation of superstars, you must engage with people in a way they’re comfortable.

Which part of your hiring process do you need to modernize?

Try to Avoid Two Week Notices to Combat Job Offer Reneges

“Nobody owes anybody anything. Two weeks is a courtesy … but by no means is it a legal requirement,” said Danny Speros, vice president of People at Zenefits, in a recent Huffington Post article, Is Giving Two Weeks’ Notice Still Necessary?

When is the last time you’ve been burned by a renege? A new hire accepted your offer only to recant their acceptance during their two-week notice. This happens all the time.

  • You need to coach new hires to walk out immediately upon acceptance. The incumbent employer will not be happy about the resignation, so not giving two weeks does nothing to change their emotional state.
  • Insurance organizations are especially vulnerable during the resignation process. Given how intricately a resignation is tied to account retention and book of business transition, letting a producer, account executive, broker, or executive start 14 days after resignation jeopardizes their early success.

Virtual, Visual Resumes Here to Stay

First off, do you know what a visual resume is? Think about it like a PowerPoint or a social media/YouTube video.

“In the competition to win job interviews, some savvy job seekers are turning to visual resumes: infographic resumes, presumes, social resumes, and more,” according to Undercover Recruiter’s blog, Visual Resumes: Help or Hype?, which describes a visual resume.

Insurance professionals looking to gain an edge in the job market, especially younger and tech-savvy generations, are using virtual resumes. If you dismiss them as ridiculous, you could miss out on great talent. Prepare now by taking these steps:

  • Create a system for cataloging virtual resumes. Most ATS programs do not integrate them, so where you store them may be as simple as an Outlook folder or a special place in your HRIS.
  • Avoid pre-judgment. I have been guilty of rolling my eyes when seeing personal achievements, color-coded resumes, and fancy visuals. It doesn’t mean what it used to (aka, the person is trying too hard). Technology changes the way people present themselves. Be open to it.

Post Jobs on TikTok and Instagram. They Could Outpace LinkedIn.

My teenage children tell me that Facebook is for old people. Apparently, that’s me especially since I don’t have TikTok or Instagram. However, I’m starting to think about getting accounts, not for personal but for professional use. Increasingly, job seekers of every generation are turning to new social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to support their job search process.

The latest TikTok craze is career advice, resume reviews, and interview tips, according to The Washington Post (March 2021). “TikTok is now cultivating career-related videos about interview tips or job skills. We want people to turn to TikTok not just for entertainment, but to learn something new, to acquire a new skill or simply get inspired to do something they’ve never done before,” the article said.

  • Create a company TikTok account. Freelancers, gig workers, Gen Z, and many other types of professionals will find your content including job advertisements and brand promotion.
  • Job seekers have professional Instagram accounts. Want to source new candidates? Want to vet applicants before making an offer? Per FlexJob’s Using Instagram for Your job Search: Tips and Tricks, “One billion people use Instagram every month; 63% of users log in at least once a day spending an average of 28 minutes on the app. With so many people interacting on Instagram, it can be a great resource in your job search.”

“Ask the Insurance Recruiter” is a monthly column written by Mary Newgard, Partner and published in partnership with Insurance Journal Magazine. Visit Insurance Journal Magazine’s website for a complete list of previous articles. For questions and comments, email Mary at mnewgard@csgrecruiting.com


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