April 1, 2019

How To Choose A Recruiting Partner. This Is Capstone!

by Mary Newgard

There over 19,000 staffing and recruiting firms in the United States. Where do you even begin to identify let alone decide on the best partner for your business? Capstone is counted among those firms, yet we know how our firm stands out. Some reasons are obvious (we focus exclusively in the insurance industry) and others are more subjective (our ownership, our tenure, our people’s gifts and our process). Let us help you navigate the very large waters of the staffing industry, so you can make the best decision possible for your business.


  • Mr. Quantity Over Quality Recruiter– You’ve dealt with this type of person if the recruiter had a transactional mindset. They care about winning your account, so they point out the name on the business card, the number of people on staff and formulas/metrics/fill rate for jobs.
  • Ms. Fling It In There and See What Sticks Recruiter– This person seems to have a lot of immediate success referring candidates, but then you quickly find they don’t speak with the candidates or screen their skills against your job descriptions. They just send whatever they have from their database.
  • Ms. Ghosting You After Taking the Assignment– I doubt you’re under false allusions about the time it takes to recruit quality candidates. The problem is when you’ve partnered with this recruiter you gave the job specs, they said they’d get to work and then you never heard from them again. They don’t know how to give a no news update or admit its not working out.


Partner. Advocate. Trusted adviser. These are the qualities and person you seek in a recruiter. A firm with the breadth and scope of services to fulfill executive leadership hires and future staff positions. Consultants with deep insurance knowledge. A partnership approach that drives job seekers to you. A team that embodies your company’s professionalism and vision. Welcome to Capstone Search Group.


Job seekers are enticed by a unique story that feels tailor-made for them. A cookie cutter approach won’t do. You need a process with substance that engages experienced talent with your brand and draws them into a conversation about your opportunities. Candidate quality is the key to a successful partnership with a recruiter. We facilitate a process by:

  1. SPENDING TIME getting to know your organization’s history, structure and successful leaders.
  2. ENTERING INTO A DISCOVERY PROCESS with key hiring members to build candidate profiles.
  3. CREATING marketing materials, job descriptions and additional communication provided to, or sent to, our candidate pool.
  4. RESEARCHING and SOLICITING candidates at targeted competitors.
  5. SOURCING and SCREENING interested applicants.
  6. PRESENTING candidate profiles that fit your qualifications with a thorough outline of information (qualifications search motivation, availability, compensation, etc.).
  7. MANAGING the logistics of the interview process.
  8. PARTNERING on due diligence, offer preparation and resignation/counteroffer strategies.


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