September 6, 2022

Tools Every Insurance Agency Needs to Recruit Account Managers

by Mary Newgard

Do you have trouble finding client service candidates? You are not alone if the answer is an exuberant “YES”! From what I’ve seen over the past two years, insurance agencies spend at least 75% of their recruiting time trying to hire CSRs, account managers, and account executives.

With the insurance industry’s labor market being as tight as it is, now is the time to assess your sourcing resources. There are ways to recruit account managers that are different and more effective than those used to recruit producers or managers. I’m sure you’re familiar with the tools listed below. However, the point is less about what they are but how you use them to recruit this type of candidate.

Applicant Tracking System

Since half of all account managers are sourced by direct application and the other half through referrals and passive recruiting, you need a system to manage candidate information.

ATS or HRIS System

If you don’t have one, get one ASAP. Storing valuable candidate information in Excel or Outlook is an inefficient way to store information.

The cost typically ranges from $350-$750/month; it varies by design features and number of users. This is a minimal investment compared to the cost of unfilled jobs or external recruiter fees.


If you make 25-plus hires a year you need a platform that does more than warehouse applications. CRMs function the same way as your agency management system (Epic, AMS360, Sagitta, etc.). You can organize and categorize groups of applicants, run keyword searches, assign prospects to project folders, record interview activity, communicate with candidates through text and email, and improve connectivity between HR/talent acquisition and hiring managers. CRMs are the only way for you to build a valuable candidate database.

Advertising Resources

Most account managers start their job search online, which makes brand identity and visibility essential to your recruiting success. You can apply the same marketing and advertising principles used for company branding to recruiting.

Job Boards

You need outlets like LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, and ZipRecruiter, etc., but be frugal with how much you invest. Most postings don’t yield a significant return past the 30-day mark. Plus, people are not brand loyal. You do not need to pay to post the same job on every website.

Review analytical information from past postings to determine what types of jobs perform best on certain sites.

Social Media

Do you know Indeed and Glassdoor have social media pages for your company that candidates can visit prior to applying for one of your jobs? If not, you need to get this cleaned up ASAP. Photos and company information give account managers a glimpse into your culture.

The more valuable the information, the more likely they are to apply. People will not apply for your jobs if these pages are blank or full of negative reviews.

Email Marketing Software

How do you stay in touch with candidates who applied or interviewed that you didn’t hire? Services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact are a great way to strengthen your pipeline for future hires. Two to three times per year you should send an email to keep in touch. The subject matter can range from Hello, Just Checking In to We Have New Job Openings or What’s In The News At Our Agency.

Make a personal connection with people to keep your career opportunities front and center.

“Ask the Insurance Recruiter” is a monthly column written by Mary Newgard, Partner and published in partnership with Insurance Journal Magazine. Visit Insurance Journal Magazine’s website for a complete list of previous articles. For questions and comments, email Mary at


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