June 5, 2019

A Successful Interview Starts With Your “Behind the Scenes” Prep Work

by Chris Winterboer

You expect candidates to do their homework before an interview……but what about yours?!  Ensuring a successful interview starts with four easy steps. Take a moment to make sure your ducks are in a row, the team is on board with the strategy and your message is on point. Then, when the interview is a smashing hit you can seamlessly slide into offer, acceptance and onboarding!

Do The Prep Work

  1. Create A Candidate File
    • Application
    • Assessment
    • References
    • Non-competes

2. Deputize A Coordinator

    • Commit to timely interview feedback
    • Work backwards from the ideal start date to plan future interviews

3. Do The Dollars Make Sense?

    • Compare your budget parameters to the candidate’s expectations
    • Promote benefits and unique perks
    • Prepare to discuss compensation

4. Let Your Culture Shine

    • Stand out by promoting your organization on social media
    • Make your employees a top recruiting resource

Streamline The Process

  • Ask pointed questions. Get to the heart of the candidate’s technical proficiency and cultural fit.
  • Prepare for scheduling conflicts. Expect the unexpected. Reminder: time kills all deals.
  • Give candidates a clear understanding of the process. If you set expectations, make sure to follow through.
  • It’s never too early to prepare for a counteroffer.


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