September 11, 2019

Simple Acts of Kindness Become Your #1 Recruiting Tool

by Mary Newgard

If you can be anything…….be kind is a true statement for our professional relationships as much as for our personal friendships. Recruiting is all about relationship building. Wooing candidates may get them in the door for a conversation, but simple acts of kindness are what push them over the threshold.

Why You Need to Step Out and Step Up to End the Recruiting Process

The reason you go above and beyond at the late stages of recruiting are:

  1. Position you as the #1 choice in their search
  2. Put your culture and values on full display
  3. Relate on a personal level rather than only in an interview setting
  4. Make the offer acceptance and resignation process a slam dunk
  5. Create buy-in with the candidate’s family

Simple Acts of Kindness Examples

You might be surprised that the smallest gesture or gift will make the biggest impact. Below are examples I’ve seen companies do over the years that were hugely beneficial to recruit the candidate.

  • A bouquet of flowers delivered to the account manager’s home address after she accepted the job.
  • A care package of company SWAG awaiting the candidate’s on-site interview.
  • Dinner reservations for executives & spouses + meetings with realtors and school educators to accompany a full interview itinerary. **The candidate was relocating half-way across the country.
  • Sent a wedding present even before the offer had been discussed.
  • Three home cleaning sessions paid for by the company starting around the candidate’s first day of employment

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