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How Agencies Design Proformas To Boost Sales Hires

The key is designing proformas to accomplish hiring success.

Sales Presentations Guarantee Successful Producer Hires

You do not want to make bad sales hires in the future. You want as close to a 100% guarantee as possible.

Let’s Consider The Current Talent Shortage Issue

Now is a great time to re-evaluate current job openings, as well as plan recruiting strategies going forward.

Quickly Wrap Up 2019 Hires

It’s beginning to look a lot like Q4!

20 Ways to Reinvigorate Your 2020 Recruiting

Identify. Attract. Retain.

Why You Should Offer Signing Bonuses

Signing bonuses are a useful recruiting tool in so many business sectors. Why not try it in insurance?

Lacking Structure: My Agency’s Biggest Recruiting Problem

If you’re guilty of some or all of these points, you need more structure.

Simple Acts of Kindness Become Your #1 Recruiting Tool

Wooing candidates may get them in the door for a conversation, but simple acts of kindness are what push them over the threshold.

School’s In Session: Three Ways Your Agency Earns An “A+” In Producer Recruiting

At the end of the day when you stop focusing just on, ‘I need to find a candidate,’ its easy to see how agencies achieve their goals or get off track.

Your Agency’s Next Big Recruit: Retirement Planning Sales Executive

A fully engaged workforce sees financial wellbeing as equally important as physical wellbeing.

A Leadership Hire for 2020

An engaged process will help you find the right candidates as quickly as possible.

Bad Dad Jokes: Interview Questions Need Updating

Bad dad jokes will never truly get me in trouble, but your company faces significant risk based on questions being asked.

Losing Money When You Delay An Executive Search

The revelation I’ve come to over the past month is that the financial examples have been in front of us the whole time. It’s all in the eye of the beholder; that person being your prospective candidate.

Producer Recruiting: Two Schools of Thought for 2020

As you make hiring plans for 2020, ponder the comments I hear agencies make about producer recruiting.

Money Talks in Every Aspect of Recruiting

The impact of compensation on recruiting has been an evolving discussion.

Introducing Captain Contract- A Recruiting Superhero Saves The Day

Temporary staff and work from home positions are becoming increasingly more popular as companies and brokers navigate the unique circumstances of their market.

Some Things Age Well. A Recruiting Project Is Not One of Them.

Delays affect thousands of professionals in different ways.

Better Cold Calls = Better Candidates: Five Ways to Plan Your Direct Dial Strategy

You can’t find the people you want. What’s missing?

Why Is It So Hard To Find Commercial Service Staff?

Staffing can be as maddening as wedding dress shopping. For insurance agencies the one role that seems to be an ongoing issue is commercial service.

Embrace the Change: A Faster Hiring Process

Hiring faster does not mean you make a rash decision. Desperation is the worst type of hire.

Recruiting Designed To Find Niche Insurance Professionals

For many years insurance agencies have targeted producers that can build a vertical market within a particular niche.

Insurance Jobs: Companies Use Mid-Level Roles To Find Gen X Executive Talent

I’m assisting an insurance company in the Northeast with a Division Director project.

Planning Ahead – Tips for 2019 Hiring Needs

As you set goals and agendas for hiring in the new year, we wanted to provide a cheat sheet as a guideline of what is trending in the coming year.

What Is A ‘Contingent Worker’? …..and Other Insurance Agency Questions About Contract Employees

I’m always really surprised that given the difficulty insurance agencies face hiring CSRs and Account Managers that more don’t utilize contract employees.

Strategies For Successful Q4 Recruiting

Q4: A Love/Hate Season for Insurance Agencies to Recruit

The ABCs of Interviews

I may be dating myself here, but how many of you remember the infamous scene in Glengarry Glen Ross when Alec Baldwin talks about ABC standing for Always. Be. Closing.

2018 Insurance Industry Recruiting Trends

Pay attention if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

New Ways To Ask An Old Question About Current Compensation

More and more states are passing legislation making it unlawful for companies to request pay history from a candidate.

How to Avoid Draft Day Mistakes With Insurance Producer Recruiting

It always strikes me curious about how people react to their team’s draft choices in the NFL.

Why Can’t I Find Good Insurance Producers?

Get Healthy/Get Fit is the top New Year’s Resolution for 2017.

Soft Benefits: Another Reason to Offer Flex Schedules

I’ve fielded more questions about competitive benefits in the last eight months than over the past three years combined.

Does Everyone Want a Work-From-Home Position?

I had a conversation with an insurance agency today about their interviews for account management openings.

How To Greet A Candidate For A Job Interview

It may seem like a simple idea, but it is so often mishandled – how to greet a candidate coming into your office for a face-to-fact job interview.

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