April 1, 2021

How to Make Your Insurance Expertise Shine in an Interview

by Amy Stuntz

You updated your resume. Your LinkedIn profile looks rock solid. You applied to your ideal job. You have a confirmed interview. Now what? You need to make sure your insurance expertise shines!

  1. Start with research. Hopefully you did some research prior to applying, but now is the time to kick your research efforts into high gear. Research the company, position you will be interviewing for and the person you will be interviewing with.
  2. Prepare your answers. Most interviews include some behavioral or situational questions. Have specific examples prepared for these types of questions. Click here for examples of behavioral questions to prepare for.
  3. Anticipate the technical, nitty gritty questions. Hiring managers need proof that you have the insurance experience and knowledge to take on the role.

Below are questions to help prepare for a technical interview based on your insurance discipline.

Health & Welfare / Employee Benefits Insurance Interview Questions

  • What types of funding arrangements do you have experience with? Self-funded, level funded, fully insured?
  • Are you up to date with compliance and regulatory standards?
  • What are your market connections? Can you bring a rolodex of underwriting, program manager or retail broker contacts?
  • Would you describe your strengths as ‘external & client facing’ or ‘internal & analytical’? This makes a difference for insurance brokers and carriers depending on their need to fill a behind-the-desk role versus a position with a sales/marketing/client retention element.

Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Interview Questions

  • Are you a generalist or a vertical, niche specialist? If the latter, which industries do you have unique exposure to the inner workings of risk exposure, risk analysis, claims and consulting?
  • What market segment are you most proficient in- Small Business, middle market or large account/risk management?
  • How large have the portfolios been that you’ve sold, serviced or underwritten? (Remember, cite ‘premium’ on the company & MGA side and use ‘revenue’ for agency roles.)
  • Which technology are you proficient in? This might be underwriting or virtual claims software as well as agency management systems like AMS360, EPIC and Sagitta as well as paperless software like ImageRight.

Personal Lines Insurance Interview Questions

  • What is the average account premium you underwrite, sell or service?
  • What is your marketing expertise, from utilizing online rating platforms to client geography and affluent/High Net Worth placement?
  • What lines of coverage are you proficient in?
  • What is the nature of your current environment? Do you work in a high volume, high transaction environment or at a slight slower pace with more complex accounts?


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