February 24, 2022

Signs That Prove You Received a Great Job Offer

by Chris Winterboer

I have seen a wide range of offers come through in the past 12-18 months. Like any good bell curve, about 10% are so low that they are almost offensive, about 10% of them are crazy high and elicit the “too good to be true” moniker, and the vast majority fall in between. If you’ve dipped your toe into the job market recently, and got to the offer stage, your head may have started spinning.


What makes a great job offer these days? Is it only money or something more? Lately, I’ve watched a lot of companies miss the mark because they rush the process and forget the little details. When I look back at deals that came together perfectly it’s because something on this list pulled it all together. Watch for one of these signs in your next offer. If it’s there, you know you received a great offer.

#1- Multi-level Communication 

Simply put, you hear from more than one person when the offer is extended. It shows just how invested the entire team or organization is in having you come onboard.

#2- Proactive Q&A Follow Up

No sooner do you receive the offer letter, and the hiring manager requests a call the following day. He or she wants to answer any and all of your questions.  They may even provide their cell phone and encourage you to call after hours.

#3- Expectations Exceeded

Let’s say you asked for $65k-$70k in salary. Low and behold they come in at $75k. That’s a ‘don’t hold back’ moment. They exceeded what you asked for by several percentage points. That has to earn them brownie points.

#4- Bonuses… Right Off the Bat

You didn’t even ask for nor expect a signing bonus, yet it’s right there on the offer letter. Other examples are a 90-day new hire review & raise… spelled right out in the offer. Finally, you might go from an annual bonus to quarterly incentives. All of this is an attempt to recognize the value you bring to the organization on day one as well as the future potential they see in you.  

#5- Concessions for Benefits or PTO 

It’s difficult for companies to change an entire policy for PTO or benefits enrollment. However, if there’s a gap, they will address this head on by manipulating the start date in your favor- earlier or later depending on what you want to accomplish. They will also be forthright with all time off considerations ranging from holiday schedules to flex scheduling, commuter benefits and WFH capabilities.

#6- Highlighted Amenities and Perks 

The time we all spent away from the office due to the pandemic fooled some companies into thinking aesthetics didn’t matter.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Whether you will work in the office or full time from home, you want to know all the little things that makes a company unique. Here are some of what we’ve seen companies offer that go a long, long way:

  • “Treat Yourself” gift cards. It’s like a little allowance to make up for the coffee shop runs, snacks in the breakroom and other perks that fill your heart and stomach especially if you’re not in the office 40-hours a week.
  • Virtual social hour so teams, far and wide, can connect on a Friday afternoon. No work talk is allowed!
  • Dress For Your Day. We love this attitude. Suits are starting to feel ancient. Business casual may be on its way out too. Very casual dress code is a huge perk. Watch for it in the offer letter… and more good stuff is sure to come.


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