September 26, 2019

Easy Ways to Score Mega Points With Your Online Job Application

by Amy Stuntz

Scouring endless listings on job boards can be totally overwhelming. It can become a black hole where you apply and apply but never hear anything back. Make your application stand out and watch a HUGE improvement on scoring an interview.  The trick is to know what techniques work differently when insurance organizations post jobs to the major job boards.


  • Your LinkedIn profile must be 100% up-to-date and accurate.
  • Show a comprehensive list of current skills and objectives.
  • Build your network. Request connections. Look social.


  • The cover letter is optional. If you want to upload one + your resume, make it personal. Generic isn’t effective.
  • Your contact information and current job are prominently displayed. Do not list part-time jobs or hobbies at the top of your resume.
  • Make sure your most relevant job is the first job listed.

NIRA or Great Insurance Jobs

Insurance specific job sites are usually lesser known but still effective for yours and my purposes. 

  • The hiring manager only receives your resume. Make sure it’s attached and a model of perfection (no typos, grammatical errors or formatting issues). When in doubt, upload a PDF.
  • Your resume needs to start with an Objective section; a short paragraph or list of relevant skills.


Indeed can create a “generic” resume for you. In theory this sounds great but it’s an awful idea to put into practice. Hiring managers immediately dismiss candidates who cannot write their own CV.

Final Tips (No Matter The Job Board)

Final Tips (no matter the job board)

  1. Always attach a resume (even if you have the option not to). Omitting the attachment means extra work for the recruiter, a step they prefer to avoid.
  2. Only apply once to a job even if you see the same one on multiple job boards. You are better off to follow up with an email or phone call to the hiring manager about that one application than to say that you applied to the same job four different ways.


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