July 18, 2019

“On A Scale Of”: From Heart Eyes to Angry, Emojis For Your Job Search

by Kris Gibson

Are you actively managing your career? If you said “yes”, excellent. If “no”, you should be.  If you said “huh”, fear not, you’re not alone.

Some people are in love with everything about their career from title and responsibility to compensation, hours, and commute. Conversely, others are utterly miserable. Most, however, exist between those extremes. Given we all seek to love our career, knowing where you are is the first step in managing things.

It can be hard to decipher which feelings lead to a job search. There are ways to stay engaged in the process no matter if you’re 100% happy or 100% miserable.  Here are a few categories you may fall into and some thought on how to retain, or obtain, the best situation possible.  

Happy As Can Be

You love your job, boss, company, and all that comes with it. There is nothing any company could offer that would entice you to leave. This is great. You’re living the dream and you should feel proud and lucky to be in such a terrific situation.

  • Don’t take the situation for granted. Tell them you’re happy but continue to earn your spot every day knowing most would trade anything to be in your position.
  • Things can change. Don’t close your mind to what is out there. Staying abreast of the market is a good idea but you certainly should not be applying for jobs.
  • Monitor organizations you respect and see what they are hiring, wages, perks, etc. Stay informed.
  • Be a referral source for others. Help people get what you have.

Not Too Bad

Your job is going well but there is a short list of things that could be improved upon. You’re still better off than many.

  • Know what could be improved upon and qualify opportunities you’re presented with accordingly. If something sounds better, explore it.
  • This can be with other professionals, vendors, recruiters, or anyone else. Learn about your market. You’ll learn if your wants are realistically obtainable.
  • Keep an eye on target organizations and opportunities that arise and don’t be afraid to explore them even though you’re in a good spot. Be selective but be aware and give yourself an opportunity to find what will make you happiest.
  • Don’t lose sight of the fact you’re in a good position. Balance a focus on today with an awareness that can potentially make tomorrow better.

Take It or Leave It

You have a job. You’re not miserable in it. You’re also not happy in it.   

  • Explore opportunities. Take the calls, have the conversations, and give yourself a chance to find a better fit.
  • You should be watching job postings and signing up for alerts. Apply where you see better opportunity to be happy in your career.
  • Getting out of this situation should be a priority. Network with professional contacts and get a sense of where better fits may be.
  • Know what you’re looking for, so you’ll know when you find it.

It Can't Get Worse

You’re miserable. You hate the state of your career and need to get out of a bad situation.

  • The only fate worse could be unemployment and you might even take that some days. You should be applying, taking calls, networking, and anything else that can help you get into the situation you deserve.
  • Be mindful to not let the negativity of your current situation poison interviews or become the star of your conversations.

Your career is a huge part of your life and your happiness, or lack thereof, with it impacts the rest of your relationships. You owe it to yourself, family, and friends to maximize your happiness and it is important you take an active role in finding your smiley face!


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