Capstone Corner

What the Heck Do I Put in a Cover Letter?

If you are ever asked for one, remember to write to your audience, focus on what is important and meet the expectations of the company or person requesting it.

3 Compensation Myths to Debunk

One of the most important steps to launch a successful job search based on compensation is to beware of these three myths so you can set realistic expectations when having discussions with future employers.

Insurance Account Managers: The Skills That Set You Apart

What skills are most in-demand for insurance agency account managers? A combination of the right soft skills and technical skills will attract the greatest hiring managers.

Navigating the New Norm: How to Determine Your Ideal PTO Package

How do you even begin to know how much PTO to ask for these days? There are four main concepts to bear in mind if you get to this point in an interview process.

The Resume Writing Guide Every Insurance Account Manager Needs

HR spends only a few seconds screening a resume. Here are six ways you can ensure that your insurance experience stands out on yours and gets you the interview.

Want to Work Remotely? It Could Cost You.

Here are four potential tradeoffs you may find you need to make in order to work fully remote in the insurance industry.

New Ways to Answer Age Old Interview Questions

Don’t worry so much about random questions out of left field. Focus your interview preparation on the most important questions that are critical to a company’s decision-making process.

How the Insurance Industry Uses Upskilling to Hire & Retain Employees

I often speak with insurance professionals who tell me on a daily basis that they feel stuck in their current position and don’t believe their employer offers growth potential. This is where upskilling and reskilling come in.

Three Signs Your Remote Job With an Insurance Agency Might Be Unstable

Remote working arrangements within the insurance industry are a relatively new thing. As such, there is a lot of change and instability currently, and no situation is ever perfect.

Six Ideas for Young Insurance Professionals Looking for Career Advancement

If you’re early into your career and want to take that next big step forward, here are a few pieces of advice!

Can I Expect a Raise in 2023?

The biggest mistake that people make, in my humble opinion, is just hope and pray for raises, rather than pro-actively do something about it.

Is Interview Prep Wasting My Time? The Universal 3-Part Interview Script Insurance Organizations Follow

Each company and person you interview with will have their specific styles. There are, however, three key things you are always being evaluated or judged on.

How Insurance Organizations Enhance Job Offers to Recruit Experienced Professionals

If you’re considering a career change, you’re probably wondering what creative benefits & perks insurance organizations are offering these days.

Top 10 Reasons Why Insurance Professionals Change Jobs

The Great Resignation. Quiet Quitting. In office vs. WFH. You’ve probably heard all of the buzz words and wonder what it means for you.

Insurance Agencies Develop New Career Paths to Retain Top Talent

How do you get a role that is unique and created for you?

How Much PTO Will I Get as a Remote Worker?

It may be true that employees who work from home have more flexibility to do their work, but it doesn’t mean that they put in any less effort.

The Pros & Cons of Counteroffers

Should you stay or should you go?

Final Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You the Job

Consistency and honesty are key.

Resume Writing Tips for Insurance Professionals

Here’s our advice to help you create a resume that highlights the insurance expertise that carriers, agencies, brokers, and more want to see.

Is the Future of the Insurance Agency Workforce 100% Remote?

People expect their employers to offer options that fit their lifestyles which has steered even organizations like insurance agencies to change how they operate.

Worried About Your Resignation? 4 Tips to Make Giving Notice Quick & Painless.

Resigning doesn’t need to keep you up at night. It’s just part of professional life.

Signs That Prove You Received a Great Job Offer

What makes a great job offer these days? Is it only money… or something more?

Four Steps to Negotiate Work-Life Balance in a Job Offer

Work-life balance is a hot commodity. Here’s our advice on how to start the conversation and negotiate the terms you want.

The Hot, Trendy, Must-Have Insurance Jobs of 2022

A question we field from job seekers and hiring executives at the start of every new year, our clients want to know what’s ahead and what they are up against in the job market.

6 Interview Questions That Mean the Company Wants to Make You an Offer

Chances are if one of these six questions is asked, an offer will be coming soon!

5 Changes Insurance Organizations Make to PTO Policies

Employers are racing at every turn to entice people to entertain or retain their employment with them. PTO is one area insurance organizations see as an opportunity to evolve and attract top talent.

How Technology Changes the Job Search Experience

Here are some tips/takeaways to be sure you are taking full advantage of the technology that will ultimately take your job search to the next level.

5 Tips to Nail Your Next Virtual Interview

At its core, interviewing is interviewing no matter the medium.

Search These Job Boards to Find Job Openings in the Insurance Industry

With thousands of different job boards to scour, how do insurance professionals narrow down which job sites to utilize?

Insurance Job Trends: Q1 2021 Report

“What can I expect to find in the job market?” Lots! Here are some trends we are seeing in sales, service and executive leadership.

How to Make Your Insurance Expertise Shine in an Interview

It’s up to you to research & prepare for a technical interview based on your insurance discipline.

Four Ways to Show Insurance Agencies That You Want Career Advancement

Insurance agencies desperately want to retain you. Show your employer that you are committed to and ready for job progression.

Will Insurance Agencies Let Account Managers Work Remotely After COVID?

It is less about what you say, and more about what they hear. These “Three Steps To Ask Your Boss For A Flexible Schedule” will help you start the conversation.

How to Negotiate Salary in A New Job Offer

Money talks. It isn’t something to be ashamed of. So how do you get it?

Virtual Resumes & Other Trends for Your 2021 Job Search

Knowing what’s in store for the next year helps you prepare and compete for top jobs.

The Ten Hottest Insurance Jobs In 2020

We’re constantly asked what we’re seeing out there for insurance job trends. Well, a little bit of everything!

After the Holidays, I Am Starting a Job Search. What’s Next?

Here are 10 things to work through before you apply & interview for a new job.

Starting A Job Search When You’re Suddenly Unemployed

It takes extra finesse to start a job search after losing your job. Here are ways to wipe the slate clean and find a great new position.

Starting A Job Search When You Want More Responsibility

If your work is starting to feel mundane, it may be time to challenge yourself. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I Want to Rejoin the Insurance Industry. How Do I Explain A Gap in Employment?

No matter the reason, the key for a successful re-entry into the workforce is telling the right story to the right audience.

Choosing the Right Offer Starts Before You Ever Apply

If you’re looking at multiple job offers, how do you choose? The answer to how you decide was known to you before you even began looking.

Starting A Job Search When You Want to Find A Better Culture

Company culture may be subjective to each of us, but by and large most people want to enjoy where they work, have their needs met and share values consistent with their colleagues and leaders.

Want to Boost Your Job Search? Create Positive Exposure on LinkedIn.

The very core of a job search is all about creating “positive exposure”, and LinkedIn has become one of the best tools for expanding your job search profile.

Starting A Job Search When You Want A Flexible Schedule

Flexible scheduling is a great reason to start a job search. You can find the perfect position, company and work/life balance. Here’s how.

Starting A Job Search When You Want Better Benefits

If improving your workplace benefits is your #1 motivation to making a job change, you are not alone.

Starting A Job Search When You Want A Leadership Position

Your success moving forward to obtain a management job depends on how you frame conversations early in the process.

The Link Between Meaningful Work & Job Satisfaction

Finding one’s work meaningful is associated with life satisfaction and overall well-being.

Starting A Job Search When You Want To Relocate

Employers treat relocation applicants differently from local candidates. Here is how to be proactive and strategic with a relocation job search.

Is This Offer Negotiable? Get the PTO, Perks, & Pay You Want!

You can and should negotiate every aspect of the offer. This helps ensure that you and your employer have a long and happy relationship.

Preparing For An Interview In Less Than 100 Words

Interviewing is a two way street, of course, but it’s always best to demonstrate what you can do for them, especially in the first interview.

Negotiate Your Insurance Non-Compete: Ten Lessons Before You Accept An Offer

Companies need to protect their interest. You need to protect your interests. The best you can seek here is something fair to both sides.

Starting A Job Search When You Want A Promotion

Career progression is a major reason why people change jobs.

Negotiate Your Insurance Non-Compete: Three Steps to Resign

Either a new employer wants to review your non-compete, or your current employer upon resignation will kindly remind you of your contract. It’s in those moments you realize that you may have agreed to terms you wish you hadn’t.

Practice Makes Perfect: How to Excel at Every Interview Type

You’ve got an interview and now it’s time to prepare… but where do you start?

Is There A Proper Way To Handle An Offer Of Employment?

While every situation is unique, there are definitely rules of thumb to follow.

Leaving Past Jobs Off Your Resume: Risky or Not?

Your resume is a strategic marketing piece.

Negotiate Your Insurance Non-Compete: Understand Misconceptions

Since non-competes are a standard business practice, it’s inevitable you will need to face the issue to make a job change.

Know How To Easily Spot A Fake Job Advertisement

Save time, money, and energy all while protecting your privacy!

8 Tips For An Effective Job Search

Knowing what’s in store for next year helps you prepare and compete for top jobs.

3 Ways Maximizing LinkedIn Activity Helps Your Job Search

It’s your most powerful social media platform in a job search. Use that to your advantage!

The Best Ways to Fit into a New Job

Feeling like a fish out of water? We’re here to help with some great advice to help you settle in for the long haul.

Easy Ways to Score Mega Points With Your Online Job Application

Make your application stand out and watch a HUGE improvement on scoring an interview.

Is This Normal? Seven Documents Companies Can Request Before An Offer

From my experience, being prepared and understanding why a company might do something helps ease concerns about a given step.

The Top Websites To Find Insurance Jobs

Insurance is a niche industry, meaning some posting sites are better than others to find the best job openings.

Crafting A Leadership Business Plan

The First 100 Days: When Insurance Agencies Ask for An Executive Business Plan

“On A Scale Of”: From Heart Eyes to Angry, Emojis For Your Job Search

We all seek to love our career. Knowing where you are is the first step in managing things.

I’m An Insurance Producer. I Want To Relocate. Will Another Agency Hire Me?

Life happens. You build a career in one community, but things change and you need to move.

That’s Too Much: What Really Makes You “Overqualified”?

Are we too quick to pre-judge based on faulty information or lack of information regarding the specific individual?

What’s Your Story? Resume Writing Tips for Insurance Professionals

The most common question is, “What Am I Supposed to Write?” Our team’s most common response is, “Tell Your Story.”

Is The Job Market Like The Stock Market?

A very common question I get, especially this time of year, is what the job market looks like.

The Next Episode – Episodic Careers and Insurance

The term “Episodic” when referring to careers is growing in popularity.

Career Happiness: What Matters Most?

Everyone wants something out of their career; I mean, that is why you go to work.

My Insurance Agency Was Purchased. Is My Job A Lost Cause?

It’s no secret that the insurance brokerage world increasingly predatory.

Hiring Stereotypes That Hurt Insurance Agencies

Knowledge is power. Use it to be clear that you’re the real deal.

Four Ways to Highlight Experience in Resumes

Now is the time to talk yourself up.

New Job Jitters? Five Ways to Help You Settle In

We’ve all been there before and the odds are that many of us will be there again someday; new.

Beyond the Job Offer: What Happens After You Accept the Job?

If you’re a task-oriented person you enter a job search to get yourself into a new job.

Resigning from a Job: Is the Struggle Real?

Candidates always tell me that resigning is hard; and it certainly can be.

7 Tips for a Successful Job Resignation

Resigning is often a stressful action for many.

How to Negotiate More PTO (without seeming….)

The salary and health insurance looks great. You scan the rest of the benefits package and, oh no, there’s a problem!

How to Avoid Cold Feet with a Job Offer

It is natural to have a few lingering questions when considering a job offer from a new employer.

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