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Crafting A Leadership Business Plan

The First 100 Days: When Insurance Agencies Ask for An Executive Business Plan

Practicing Patience When You’re The Top Candidate For A Job

Patience is the art of playing the game in a process you didn’t create.

That’s Too Much: What Really Makes You “Overqualified”?

Are we too quick to pre-judge based on faulty information or lack of information regarding the specific individual?

Is The Job Market Like The Stock Market?

A very common question I get, especially this time of year, is what the job market looks like.

Managing A Job Search During The Holidays

So, I was working with a candidate the other day and he mentioned spring break.

The Next Episode – Episodic Careers and Insurance

The term “Episodic” when referring to careers is growing in popularity.

The Trap of Soft Benefits

One of the best changes I’ve seen in the job market the last couple of years is the inclusion of soft benefits.

Career Happiness: What Matters Most?

Everyone wants something out of their career; I mean, that is why you go to work.

Finalize An Offer… Just As You Want It!

So I’m really excited! I just placed a producer with an awesome client.

My Insurance Agency Was Purchased. Is My Job A Lost Cause?

It’s no secret that the insurance brokerage world increasingly predatory.

Hiring Stereotypes That Hurt Insurance Agencies

Knowledge is power. Use it to be clear that you’re the real deal.

Warning Signs: This Interview Process Is Going Nowhere

I recently worked with a great candidate who found himself in an awful interview situation.

I’ll Get A Huge Raise! Compensation Myths Are Like Bigfoot & The Loch Ness Monster

With a title like that this has to be a piece about government conspiracy or about compensation myths; right?

Resigning from a Job: Is the Struggle Real?

Candidates always tell me that resigning is hard; and it certainly can be.

How to Avoid Cold Feet with a Job Offer

It is natural to have a few lingering questions when considering a job offer from a new employer.

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