Contract Staffing Resources

The Best Ways to Fit into a New Job

Feeling like a fish out of water? We’re here to help with some great advice to help you settle in for the long haul.

Will This Seasonal Insurance Job Become Permanent?

Here’s how to know what if a seasonal job is legit, secure, and right for you!

The Top Websites To Find Insurance Jobs

Insurance is a niche industry, meaning some posting sites are better than others to find the best job openings.

Introducing Captain Contract- A Recruiting Superhero Saves The Day

Temporary staff and work from home positions are becoming increasingly more popular as companies and brokers navigate the unique circumstances of their market.

Insurance Positions With the Biggest Influence on Contingent Worker Trends

A new NPR/Marist poll finds that 1 in 5 jobs in America is held by a worker under contract.

Capstone Contract FAQs: How Does This Work?

Every staffing firm, all 19,000 of them in the U.S., have different nuances, processes and expectations.

Aha Moment! When Contract Is The Best Route For Your Hiring Needs

Is contract staffing the end all be all solution for an insurance company’s staffing needs?

What’s Your Story? Resume Writing Tips for Insurance Professionals

The most common question is, “What Am I Supposed to Write?” Our team’s most common response is, “Tell Your Story.”

Why You Should Consider Hiring Contract Insurance Employees 

We feel strongly in the power of contract employment to address your critical staffing needs.

Recruiting Contracts Designed For Insurance Organizations

We don’t recommend the ‘one size fits all’ practice.

We Could NEVER Hire That Insurance Position On Contract…..or Could We?

Breaking down stereotypes and old ways of thinking is one of the most important ways you can advance your staffing success.

Why Do I Want To Work ‘On Contract’ For An Insurance Company?

How does a contract assignment benefit me? What’s wrong with the job that it can’t be full-time and on-staff?

Hiring Stereotypes That Hurt Insurance Agencies

Knowledge is power. Use it to be clear that you’re the real deal.

What Is A ‘Contingent Worker’? …..and Other Insurance Agency Questions About Contract Employees

I’m always really surprised that given the difficulty insurance agencies face hiring CSRs and Account Managers that more don’t utilize contract employees.

‘Step by Step’ Contract Hiring Process

So many hiring projects start with the premise, “We needed that filled YESTERDAY!”

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