September 12, 2019

Will This Seasonal Insurance Job Become Permanent?

by Amy Stuntz

Fourth quarter in the insurance industry is utter madness.  Can you think of those Black Friday shoppers trampling one another to buy a $50 tv?  Yep, that’s this time of year.  Isn’t is supposed to be jolly? 

Insurance companies love to hire seasonal employees. The most common job is Benefits Enrollment.  It’s mid-September and you’ve probably already seen these job advertisements. Seasonal contract employment can feel even less certain that traditional temp assignments. Here’s how to know what if a seasonal job is legit, secure and right for you!

How do I know if this temp job could turn into a permanent position?

With most positions, your recruiter should be able to tell you if there is potential for your role to turn into a permanent position or if it is strictly seasonal. Oftentimes you will not know the fate of your role until you get started, but there are several things you can do to increase your chances of being offered permanent employment:

  1. Be a Successful Temp Employee. Treat this temporary assignment the same as you would a full-time opportunity.
  2. Make Your Goals Known. If you do not express your interest in becoming a full-time staff employee, you cannot expect your leader to read your mind. Ask for a meeting to have a conversation about where you see yourself when your temp assignment ends and have some ideas to share about what value you could bring if you were to stay on as a permanent employee. Make sure you fill in your recruiter as well so they can help advocate for you.
  3. Be A Team Player. Build relationships with your co-workers. Connect with other employees so they can vouch for your skills and abilities.

Can I expect to get paid more for a contract role?

Maybe. The supply of contractors is lower than the supply of permanent employees which means that there is a good chance that if you are one of those awesome people with a highly-sought after skillset that you can expect to make more in a contract role than you would in a full-time, permanent position. However, if you are using a temp position as an interim choice before landing your next permanent role, you need to be comfortable accepting the target hourly rate that the company has budgeted for.

Does it hurt me to list temp jobs on my resume?

Not if you do it the right way. Choose the right resume format so that it highlights your skills and accomplishments. You may not need to list all of your temp jobs if you performed the same duties at each of them. Make sure to highlight any ‘related’ work experience. For more tips on how to create a Temp Job Resume, check out these tips from


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