April 2, 2019

Aha Moment! When Contract Is The Best Route For Your Hiring Needs

by Amy Stuntz

Is contract staffing the end all be all solution for an insurance company’s staffing needs? Certainly not, but you might be surprised in the midst of a search how many times a direct hire changes to contract. Contingency staffing can shift and shape based on the simultaneous needs of a company and job seeker. Here are perfect scenarios where contract is the best route.Have a Project You Need Completed?

  • An experienced hire of a COO, Director of Operations, Service Team Leader or Department Manager can help you create organizational charts, workflows, and position descriptions without committing to a permanent hire you’re not certain you’re ready to make.
  • Switching technology services, databases, or other resources? Hiring someone with this expertise can be the solution to avoid distraction and lost productivity in your existing team.
  • Clean up from a past hire that has left. This can be books of business, financials, procedures, or any other areas of challenge you face.
  • Made an acquisition? A contract hire can be perfect for assimilating divisions post-merger.

FMLA or Other Short-Term Needs

Maternity leave or dependent care vacancies leaving you shorthanded? Have an employee who needs to step away to care for a family member? Contract employment sets the ‘short term’ expectation but always leaves you the option to propose a permanent role if you like what you see.

Bide Your Time

Inches away from landing the next big account? Know it will require a hire? Do not delay and lose an awesome hire. Contract is a great backstop to get them started now without a long-term commitment.

‘Try Before You Buy’

  • Interviewed a great candidate but their job history has you second guessing? Contract = Trial Period. Think of it like a designed probationary period before you commit to a permanent hire.
  • Candidate still needs to get licensed? Convert them from temp to perm after passing the exam.

Attract the “Silver Workforce”

Be the organization that defines WORK/LIFE BALANCE. Contract offers flexibility to people who identify as semi-retired, silver workforce and snowbirds.


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