April 2, 2019

Insurance Positions With the Biggest Influence on Contingent Worker Trends

by Amy Stuntz

A new NPR/Marist poll finds that 1 in 5 jobs in America is held by a worker under contract. Within a decade, contractors and freelancers could make up half of the American workforce. Workers across all industries and at all professional levels will be touched by the movement toward independent work — one without the constraints, or benefits, of full-time employment. Policymakers are just starting to talk about the implications. ~NPR, January 2018

Below are so many different types of disciplines its hard to believe they all rely on contractors to fill employment vacancies. That said, it also proves insurance is on the cutting edge of adopting non-traditional working arrangements. Insurance is an industry that requires experienced talent. We’re fond of saying around here, “If it requires insurance, it requires recruiting.” Knowledgeable people aren’t always right in your backyard or available for 40 hours a week indefinitely….no matter the type or level of position.

Customer Service. We serve everything from large scale service centers to single client manager or CSR positions. Seasonal, situational, build-outs, and part-time needs.

Claims. Field claims adjusters, catastrophe claims, and everything in between.

Technical Experts. Specialized hires to aid in switching management systems, integrating a new resource, or rolling over a book of business following an acquisition.

Underwriting. All levels of commercial, personal, life, and health for help during overflow, busy seasons, or as ongoing staff working both remotely or in-office.

Executive. Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Department Leaders, and other high-level hires to help assess needs, create job descriptions, and audit processes.

Analysts. Group health, life, and financial services that come to you or work from home.

Training. All areas of training, development, and coaching for local, regional, or national needs.

Risk Management/Loss Control. Staff to help on large projects or retained on an “as needed” basis for key accounts.

Wellness. Project based or in a consulting capacity to help on specific cases.

Human Resources & HR Outsourcing. For internal needs and external consulting services offered to clients.

Project Managers. Short or long-term projects supporting any aspect of your business.


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