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Securing Top Insurance Talent for the Success of Your Organization

Why Capstone?
You’ve worked with recruiters who have a transactional mindset. They believe quantity leads to quality. To open doors, they point to the big name on the business card. They gauge success using formulas and metrics.

This time around you want something more. One with the breadth and scope of services to fulfill executive leadership hires and future staff positions. Consultants with deep insurance knowledge. A partnership approach that drives job seekers to you. A team that embodies your company’s professionalism and vision. Welcome to Capstone Search Group.

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Working With Us
Capstone is dedicated to the artful craft of insurance recruiting. Insurance placement has been our focus for over a decade. Our boutique identity resonates with the market. It’s why seasoned professionals take our call and trust our intentions. It’s the reason executive candidates act on unique opportunities like the leadership roles within your organization.

The Process

Identifying, screening and securing top insurance talent can be a time consuming process. Hiring the right people determines the long term success of your company.

As insurance recruiters serving insurance industry exclusively, we have the resources and trained personnel to locate ideal candidates in varying insurance disciplines. We conduct intensive, carefully targeted recruiting that utilizes multiple avenues to source talented insurance professionals.

Our recruiting strategy connects us to top talent nationwide. We adhere to high ethical standards, integrity and confidentiality. These efforts allow you and your executives to concentrate on the day-to-day operations of your business while we concentrate on locating qualified candidates for you.

Our approach is to partner with our clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed to fulfill their insurance recruiting project. We interview candidates extensively to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and culture offered by our client.

Insurance job seekers are enticed by a unique story that feels tailor made for them. A cookie cutter approach won’t do. You need a process with substance. Candidate quality is the key measure of success.

Capstone can offer you a menu of options to best fit your company's specific insurance recruiting needs:

Direct Hire Solutions
This solutions aims to assist companies with an extensive candidate search and selection process to fulfill critical permanent hiring needs. Direct hire contracts are constructed in three different formats: 

  1. Exclusive Partnership
  2. Contingency Search
  3. Retained Search

Contract Employee Staffing
Insurance professionals when you need them. We can help you fill your now need with experienced insurance professionals nationwide without risk to your business. It’s a cost effective solution for project-specific labor services, alleviating logistical challenges or fulfilling interim positions. We offer two alternative solutions for this arrangement: Onsite and Telecommute.

Learn more about  Contract Employee Staffing

Recruiting Process Outsourcing 
RPO is a model our clients leverage based on factors like scalability, process improvement, capability and cost. Hiring demands fluctuate based on volume, seasonal factors, retention and budgets. Turning to an RPO solution provides the ability to relinquish part or all recruiting to Capstone to leverage our internal resources. The contract is fully customizable.