Recruiting Resources

Create A Powerful Offer in Six Easy Steps

Offers are more than a letter. They are a process. Avoid a stumbling block with these tips!

Relocation Candidates: Steps To Ensure A Successful New Hire

I believe there’s a formula you can follow to vet relocation candidates. This, along with all your other interviewing resources, should give you confidence in the likelihood of a successful hire.

These Insurance Positions Are Perfect For A Retained Search

Retained recruiting projects can provide significant benefits to the search process.

How To Modernize Interview Questions

The first step is recognizing bad interview questions and the second step is fixing them.

101 Sales & Marketing Ideas For Agencies

Great advice for your company!

Partner or Pariah? 5 Hacks to Improve Your Experience Working With Recruiters

Your viewpoint has produced your history with recruiters. That future can change.

A Clear Path For Agencies Hiring Young Account Managers

Agencies carry a sizeable burden for developing the next generation of insurance professionals.

A Successful Interview Starts With Your “Behind the Scenes” Prep Work

You expect candidates to do their homework before an interview……but what about yours?!  Ensuring a successful interview starts with four easy steps.

Build Your Best Elevator Speech To Recruit Passive Insurance Candidates

An elevator speech sets the tone for your entire recruiting process.

Post-Acceptance Pro Tips: Don’t Lose The Candidate Before They Start

Interviewing is like dating. Working together is like getting married. That time between engagement and the altar is a scary moment of self-reflection for candidates.

Resources For You To Hire Relocation Candidates

It is common within the insurance industry for people to relocate for their next career opportunity.

Remote Employees: Your Biggest Game Changer to Fill Openings Now

What are opportunities for women in the insurance industry?

Recruiting Contracts Designed For Insurance Organizations

We don’t recommend the ‘one size fits all’ practice.

Ready To Launch! Five Steps That Kick Off Your Recruiting

According to LinkedIn and CareerBuilder, in an ultra-competitive job market, you have four seconds to get a candidate’s attention.

Remote Employees: Who Are They? Do I Need Them? How Do I Manage Them?

Meet experienced professionals where they are and expand.

How To Choose A Recruiting Partner. This Is Capstone!

There over 19,000 staffing and recruiting firms in the United States.

In Their Own Words: Why Producers Change Jobs

Interviews from several producers that Capstone assisted in 2018.

How and Where to Start When an Agency Leader Retires

Recruiting to fill senior positions due to retirement is a bit like starting a family.

Agencies Promote Soft Benefits to Gain A Distinct Recruiting Advantage

The conversation about soft benefits isn’t “what” but “why and when.”

How to Interview a Millennial Account Manager Candidate

What is the best way your agency can interview account managers when 50% of the workforce is comprised of Millennials and 25% are Baby Boomers?

Three Female Agency Leaders On Opportunities In Insurance

What are opportunities for women in the insurance industry?

Why Account Managers Leave One Agency For Another

The best way to examine the root cause is through the lens of the candidate’s motivation.

Incorporating Your Agency’s Character Into The Recruiting Process

We work with a broad spectrum of clients, from small agencies in rural areas to large national firms in the biggest cities.

Where’s Waldo? Enticing Experienced Producers To Your Agency

Having a tough time finding candidates? Here’s what you should do.

It Took an Agency HOW Long to Hire A Commercial Lines Manager?!

Engagement is key to successful talent acquisition.

A Pain Free Process: Proactive Agency Recruiting

Your biggest obstacles are the bad habits hiring managers have adopted over the years.

Producers Join Agencies With Unique Branding & Advertising Resources

Any insurance agent can hang their own shingle, but the idea that we’re better together drives salespeople to work for larger insurance agencies.

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