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What is the best way to partner with a search firm?

Embrace our motto, Recruiting is Sales, and it’s easy to see how a recruiter can be an invaluable resource. As a growing insurance organization, you want an insurance recruiter who can execute your talent strategies, attract the right candidates, create brand awareness, streamline processes and so much more. Find out how Capstone’s team can be the partner you’re looking for!

What types of positions does Capstone recruit for?

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Our people. It’s that simple! Recruiting is a relationship business. Most of our partners have an insurance background. Understanding the industry is a difference maker; it’s how we serve as quality advisers. Run for the hills if you work with a recruiter that claims to specialize in insurance but doesn’t understand terminology or how your business operates!

Insurance organizations are in a race to attract experienced talent. Candidates are inundated with messages and advertisements to the point they often just hit ‘delete’. Cutting through the noise and differentiating your brand is the key to successful hiring. A partner like Capstone, with credibility and deep recruiting networks, is a powerful ally for your strategic hiring plans.

In most cases the answer is no. We offer several different types of contracts- Contingency, Engaged, Retained and RPO. Each one has characteristics that are great for certain searches and horrible for others. We want you to pick the very best option for your business. In the end, when it comes to fulfilling a search, we’re all racing to the finish line together!

Capstone has been in insurance recruiting since 2002. There are over 100,000 candidates in our database along with many more centers of influence. Referrals are the heartbeat of our business. This is the #1 way we source candidates. We love social media and all the benefits of technology, but in the end nothing replaces picking up the phone. Direct solicitation is a major part of our process.

99% of our clients are insurance organizations (carriers, brokers/agencies, MGA/MGUs, TPAs and consulting firms). We also partner with employers on projects in their insurance/risk management departments. Our product expertise includes property and casualty, life and health, wealth management and financial services. We could list 100 different position titles, but let’s just say they all fit in these major categories: Sales & Marketing, Client Service, Executive/Management, Underwriting, Claims, Loss Control, Actuarial, Compliance and Analytics.

We take a ‘seek first to understand’ approach. We want to know your story- the culture, growth and talented staff in your company. This information builds your search on a firm foundation. It’s what attracts the right candidate for the right reasons. Then we’ll get to the nitty gritty- responsibilities and qualifications, advertising outlets, interview steps and due diligence- to map out a plan from there.

Definition + Timing = A Recruiting Project. Have an idea of your perfect profile plus the hiring timeline. Don’t get hung up on the need for fancy job descriptions; in fact we often re-write the narratives anyway! Plus, there’s no time like the present to get started. We’ll work with you to consider creative options and give you a sense for referral flow.  

With all humility in the world……yes! Seriously though, we have a great team. Our ownership group has been together for over a decade. We are passionate about what we do and love connecting people with great career opportunities. Capstone Cares!


For more information on Capstone’s services for your job search, please contact us info@csgrecruiting.com, (515) 987-0242 or reach our to one of our team members.

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