July 24, 2020

Want to Boost Your Job Search? Create Positive Exposure on LinkedIn.

by Scot Dickerson

The value of LinkedIn profiles has been debated through many blog circles. By now, I’m certain you’ve seen a lot of information on how to create a great profile. While that information is critical to your social networking, I’d like to introduce a new and refreshing angle.


In my profession, I speak to hundreds of insurance professional each month. Many are interested in making a change or are between opportunities. Here is the little secret that I share with everyone who is looking for a new opportunity. The very core of a job search is all about creating “positive exposure”, and LinkedIn has become one of the best tools for expanding your job search profile.

What Is Positive Exposure?

Positive exposure is simply creating awareness within the insurance community and, more importantly, the niche segment where you are an expert. Make sure your profile goes deeper than just, “I am insurance professional seeking a new career opportunity.”  Insert key terms like underwriting, claims, operations, finance, marketing, sales, product management to differentiate your skills.

How Do I Create Positive Exposure on LinkedIn?

Activity is the key to creating exposure.

  • Become a member of applicable groups in LinkedIn.
  • Within these groups, seek out “conversations” regarding a topic that you have expertise in. 
  • Participate in discussions, add value and respond to other people’s comments.
  • Like, share and comment on other’s posts. Endorse and recommend them for skills. They will do the same in return.
  • Post insurance industry specific activity like attending a conference. Pictures and videos are better than article and hashtags on your friend.

Being an active contributor within LinkedIn groups and discussion boards are very effective ways to create positive exposure. The bottom line to any job search is exposure (positive of course!). If you build your brand, work your network and are viewed as an active participant LinkedIn will be a major resource for your job search.


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