Is There A Proper Way To Handle An Offer Of Employment?

While every situation is unique, there are definitely rules of thumb to follow.

Seven Questions Guaranteed To Be In Your Next Interview

Remembering the basics ensures a successful start to your interview process.

Leaving Past Jobs Off Your Resume: Risky or Not?

Your resume is a strategic marketing piece.

Negotiate Your Insurance Non-Compete: Understand Misconceptions

Since non-competes are a standard business practice, it’s inevitable you will need to face the issue to make a job change.

Know How To Easily Spot A Fake Job Advertisement

Save time, money, and energy all while protecting your privacy!

8 Tips For An Effective Job Search

Knowing what’s in store for next year helps you prepare and compete for top jobs.

Compensation- What Can I Negotiate On Besides Salary?

Candidates that think about other factors and negotiated on them end up with better deals!

3 Ways Maximizing LinkedIn Activity Helps Your Job Search

It’s your most powerful social media platform in a job search. Use that to your advantage!

5 ‘Must Ask’ Questions After A Life Changing Counteroffer

Forget about a $5k raise. What if the counter tripled your salary? Would you stay or would you go?

Yes, You CAN Negotiate These Offer Terms!

Salary, PTO, title… and everything in between! Almost anything is possible if you ask nicely.

Is This Normal? Seven Documents Companies Can Request Before An Offer

From my experience, being prepared and understanding why a company might do something helps ease concerns about a given step.

“On A Scale Of”: From Heart Eyes to Angry, Emojis For Your Job Search

We all seek to love our career. Knowing where you are is the first step in managing things.

I’m An Insurance Producer. I Want To Relocate. Will Another Agency Hire Me?

Life happens. You build a career in one community, but things change and you need to move.

What’s Your Story? Resume Writing Tips for Insurance Professionals

The most common question is, “What Am I Supposed to Write?” Our team’s most common response is, “Tell Your Story.”

Choosing The Right Recruiter For Your Job Search

What are the biggest life decisions you can make? In no particular order, these come to mind for me.

Why Were You Fired? Plus Other Awkward Interview Questions

A recent candidate who I had helped secure a new job was really excited about their new company and was going to be starting in a week.

Four Ways to Highlight Experience in Resumes

Now is the time to talk yourself up.

New Job Jitters? Five Ways to Help You Settle In

We’ve all been there before and the odds are that many of us will be there again someday; new.

Beyond the Job Offer: What Happens After You Accept the Job?

If you’re a task-oriented person you enter a job search to get yourself into a new job.

7 Tips for a Successful Job Resignation

Resigning is often a stressful action for many.

Juggling Multiple Interviews?! Three Tips For An Organized Job Search

You’ve landed interviews with multiple companies. Congratulations!

Counteroffers – Mistakes, Missteps and Why They Aren’t A Great Career Solution

So we’ve all been there. You are in an interview and the hiring manager asks a question that has an embarrassing answer.

That’s Not Enough Money! Five Ways to Approach A Bad Job Offer

One of my candidates recently shared a story with me about his last job.

Resignations: How to Share the News and Prepare for the Response

I recently had a candidate resign from a job and it was a less than pleasant experience.

How to Negotiate More PTO (without seeming….)

The salary and health insurance looks great. You scan the rest of the benefits package and, oh no, there’s a problem!

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