February 26, 2020

Preparing For An Interview In Less Than 100 Words

by Scot Dickerson

Nothing screams, “I’m interested!” more than simply doing your homework. Candidates that get themselves familiar with the company they are interviewing with show interest. Those that come in without getting familiar with the company do not fair well. So, be certain to review their website and get as familiar as you can with the company, their history, lines of business, and markets.

Be engaged, but don’t dominate the conversation. Give clear and concise answers, but be conversational, as well. Certainly be prepared to ask questions, but make certain they are questions geared towards helping you better understand their needs. Stay away from questions that appear to be digging for information that is “all about you.” For example, stay away from benefits, money, etc.

Interviewing is a two way street, of course, but it’s always best to demonstrate what you can do for them, especially in the first interview. 


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