January 21, 2019

Finalize An Offer… Just As You Want It!

by Scott Thompson

So I’m really excited! I just placed a producer with an awesome client. It was a ten month search and we had been going back and forth since November. I’m both thankful and relieved that we finally got this done. However, looking back there were some really great things that happened that you should remember to cover when you are closing on a new job!

1. Build a relationship with your future employer and use it

This one is really important and I don’t know if we would have succeeded without it. Start building that future relationship now! Before you resign, call your future boss and discuss it with them. Regardless of if you need the advice – the fact that you care about their opinion will mean something. Make a point to touch base with them before you start to see if you need anything. Believe me, this will take you far.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want

Too many times I work with people that get to the offer stage and they are disappointed. Often it is much to my and the clients surprise. They will say things like, I know I told you I wanted this but what I really want is that. Or they will share that what they really want is to work from home. Regardless, the company will never know unless you ask for it. You have to be vocal about what your wants and needs so that a company can get it right. Remember, it is a lot easier to negotiate before an offer is presented than after.

3. If at first you don’t succeed – try again

This is one area where I become so frustrated. If you aren’t happy with you offer, share where it is wrong and go back to the drawing board. Make it a collaborative project. Instead, people get ticked off and act like the company intentionally was trying to upset them. NEWS FLASH – the company wants to hire you, the last thing they would do is intentionally try to make you mad. What I’ve found is that it is much more likely that the company misunderstood what you are looking for. So you have two options – you can leave upset and never talk to them again or you can go back and ask them to get it right!


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