Frequently Asked Questions

Get your foot in the door. Access unique job opportunities. Help with relocation. Streamline interviews. Match jobs with your qualifications. Eliminate the guesswork in salary negotiations. Maintain confidentiality. There are so many reasons to use a recruiter to find a job. As an insurance professional, you need a partner who’s in the trenches and knows the insurance industry. Capstone can help. Be fearless….we are in this together! If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, send us an email or reach out to one of our staff!


I’ve never worked with a recruiter. How does this work?


Where does Capstone recruit? Can you help me relocate?


How long does the recruiting process take?

Have Questions? Great! We can help.

A career change ranks right up with marriage, mortgages and kids for life’s biggest decisions. We don’t take the journey you are about to embark on lightly. Our process is completely confidential and free (our clients pay our fees). Everything starts with a conversation so we can understand your goals and needs. From there we’ll delve into your skills and accomplishments to find the very best match.

Our team works nationwide. Although insurance is a big industry, it gets small very quickly in carrier, agency and vendor circles. After 15+ years of insurance recruiting, we have clients all over the country, so location is never an obstacle for us to help with your search.

You’ve received a million calls from recruiters; each with a sales pitch about a great job. You express interest, share your resume, and then…….nothing. You never hear from them again. That’s not how Capstone operates. We’re in the business of helping people and their families. When it comes to who you are and why you work so hard, there is no such thing as quantity. We’re all about quality.

Each prong on the insurance industry fork- Carrier, Broker, TPA and MGA- becomes a niche within a niche pretty quickly. We see a lot of hiring activity in core disciplines like Sales & Marketing, Client Service, Executive & Management, Administration, Underwriting and Claims. Capstone recruits as a team, so the good news is no matter your specialty we have partners experienced with every combination of position, discipline and location possible.

Yes! A job search can be an inexact science. It’s impossible to know all the potential openings. We encourage candidates to actively participate in their search.You should cultivate your own connections right alongside the resources we can leverage.

There’s nothing like the present to discuss career opportunities. We recognize the importance of a job change, especially if it involves your family, a spouse’s job, relocation or separating from a non-compete. Never hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion even if some details still need to be ironed out.

The very best, most amazing opportunity is out there for you! Whether the offer comes in at 30 or 300 days, we take great care to ensure you don’t feel pressured to make a snap decision. That said, timing is like Murphy’s Law. Just when you expect a lengthy process, the perfect role will fall in your lap. Our advice is to trust your gut. A job search moves quickly when you give yourself time to explore the market and prepare for change.

Awesome! ….we’re blushing. Flattery will get you everywhere with us! In all seriousness, we have an incredible team with partners who have worked together for more than a decade. We will never make you choose a recruiter to work with. Contact any of our team members, and we’ll connect you with the recruiter who best aligns with your search needs.

Still Got Questions? Get Ahold of Us!

For more information on Capstone’s services for your job search, please contact us, (515) 987-0242 or reach our to one of our team members.