October 22, 2019

Compensation- What Can I Negotiate On Besides Salary?

by Scott Thompson

Often times when I’m working with a candidate and they get an offer, we talk about the salary and benefits and that is it.  However, I’ve often found candidates that think about other factors and negotiate on them end up with way better deals!  What other factors, you say?

I once had a candidate share that he takes a lot of clients out in his car.  He negotiated a leased car into the deal.  Another candidate once negotiated working from home every Friday.  The thing is, that you too have the power to negotiate things like this.  However, you must realize that a) you can’t ask for all of the things and b) you typically can’t ask for a salary increase and all of the perks in the same breath. 

So what else can you negotiate on?  Here is a quick list:

  • Benefits
  • Vacation
  • Relocation
  • Signing Bonus
  • Schedule
  • Remote/Flex Time
  • Title
  • Perks

When looking at these things there are a couple of potential land mines you should be aware of.  Companies are moving more and more to a set system on vacation and benefits.  You may not be able to negotiate here anymore.  Everything else is fair game.  Additionally, be honest with yourself when negotiating things.  If you negotiate a gym membership, make sure it looks like you go to the gym.

Finally, pick something that will benefit you and that will make your life better.  I’ll ask you – will an extra $1,000 benefit your life.  There is no question that it would – but will it show outwardly?  Will working from home on Fridays drastically improve your life – I have to say that for some of you that is a much better option.


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