December 20, 2019

20 Interview Questions for Insurance Producers

by Scott Thompson

Wouldn’t it be nice if being a successful insurance producer was enough to get a new job?  You could walk into another agency, say hello, show them your sales history and leave with an offer on a napkin! 

Unfortunately, the process doesn’t always go that way and those darn agencies still want ‘to get to know you’.  Bummer.  Guess you’ll have to interview. When you do, nail it with these 20 questions to prepare!

For Every Sales Executive

  • What comprises your current book of business?
  • Do you have adequate service and support?
  • What is your new business production each of the past three years?
  • Are you a relationship builder or a door-opener?
  • What is your commission structure? What is your non-compete?

For Commercial Lines Producers

Commercial P&C interviews focus on account size and specialization.

  • What types of niches or verticals have you worked in?
  • Do you handle your own marketing?
  • What is the size, scope and location of your ideal client?
  • How involved are you in the daily service needs of your clients?
  • Do you co-sell, cross sell or work in tandem with other producers?

For Employee Benefits Producers

Health & welfare interviews focus on variation in client consulting.

  • Do you work with public, private or non-profit businesses?
  • Do you have experience working with self-funded, level funded and fully funded business?
  • Have you established yourself as an advisor to your clients?
  • After writing an account, how often are you in touch with clients?
  • What tools, resources and support staff do you require to be successful?

For Personal Lines Producers

Personal lines interviews always revolve around market and product knowledge.

  • Which lines of coverage are you proficient with?
  •  Do you have carrier underwriting relationships? Which online quoting platforms have you used?
  • Are you focused on middle market or private client group business?
  • What are your centers of influence? Can you bring them with you?
  • What would help you sell more?


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