How To Get Through Not Knowing A Candidate's Previous Salary History

More and more states are passing legislation making it unlawful for companies to request pay history from a candidate. I am here to tell you that that’s okay! Pay history isn’t really the important variable. 

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How Should You Send a Thank You After a Job Interview?

Like the VCR, Handwritten Thank You Cards Are Dead. While I know my partner Chris still believes in the power of the handwritten thank you note, I am here to tell you why I my opinion is that fulfilling instantaneous expectations should be your #1 goal and why I think it will suffice.

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Do People Still Value Thank You Notes After a Job Interview?

Yes. Yes. Yes, a million times over. A thank you email is the minimum and expected. The handwritten note or card is a lost art. The tendency in an email is to write too much or ask lingering follow-up questions. The gesture of a thank you card sent through the mail is more of a true sign of gratitude. You expect nothing in return other than the good vibes that it creates when the reader opens up that card and sees your name on it.

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How Do Your Answer Those Terrifying Job Interview Questions?

It is that time of year again. You know, the scary, spooky job search time.  One of the biggest questions we hear here is asking about job interview questions.  Finding a job can be scary and that big interviewe is even scarier. How do you prepare for a job interview? By reviewing these the scariest questions I have put together for you. Plus answers! 

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Scary Truths About Counteroffers

Many people who resign a position find themselves faced with an employer making a counteroffer in the hope of changing their mind.  Everyone perceives this act in a different way but before we can dig too deep into this we have to unpack this step-by-step.

Let’s begin with WHY a company makes a counteroffer.

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Spooked To Start The Insurance Job Search?

The Halloween season brings about lots of change: the leaves on the trees, the cooler weather, and literally even the clothes you wear as you attend parties and Trick-or-Treat nights. It also brings about change in job seekers as the fourth quarter is a time to reflect upon your career.

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Got Insurance Job Search and Career Planning Questions?

CSG Q3 NEWSLETTER: Brace yourself! We are getting ready to embark on the whirlwind that is the 4th quarter. As we jump right in, here's what we are seeing in the market.

FEATURED Q&A + FACT OR FICTION: A series of popular candidate questions followed by breaking down the most common job search myths and truths.

Our Featured Q&A gives you an opportunity to engage with us and get your questions answered on a variety of topics to pertaining to the insurance job search or career planning process.  If you have a question you’d like answered from one of our insurance recruiting consultants, please email us at

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