December 2, 2019

Let’s Consider The Current Talent Shortage Issue

by Scot Dickerson

Now is a great time to re-evaluate current job openings, as well as plan recruiting strategies going forward.

Here are top strategies for reducing the impact on the talent shortage:

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to recruit college graduates for entry-level roles
  • Prepare internal candidates for new and future job openings
  • Build talent communities to stay connected to talent interested in your organization
  • Streamline your recruitment process to reduce overall time-to-hire
  • Create a strategic hiring plan

A strategic hiring plan begins with defining what you are looking for in a candidate. Speak with key stakeholders to define goals for the role and discuss expectations. The job description is part of the strategic hiring plan. A job description should be informative, but it must also do more than simply list desired skills. It should get applicants excited about the role, explain what makes your company unique, and describe key responsibilities.

Preparing for the interview process is an important part of your hiring plan. During the phone screen, make sure skills align with your expectations. If any red flags come up, move on. Use in-person interviews to answer final questions and make sure the applicant is a cultural and behavioral match. Candidates may sometimes look perfect on paper, but simply won’t mesh well with current employees. If possible, plan to involve internal staff in interviews, especially if they will be working directly with the new hire.

Once you’ve found the person you want to bring on board, prepare to move fast with your offer. You don’t want to compete with another offer or risk losing the candidate because they are tired of waiting for you to respond. If the first candidate is the right candidate, don’t risk losing them to create a comparison pool.  Comparison pools are not necessary under normal circumstances and could jeopardize you bringing on board the best candidate.


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