What is it like to work with an Insurance Recruiter?


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Q. Who pays your fees? Is there any cost to me as a candidate?
A. There is no cost for candidates to utilize our services.  Companies pay all fees.

Q.  I’ve never worked with a recruiter/search firm before; how does this work?
A.  Working with Capstone Search Group is a consultative process where we serve purely as a resource.  We can be as involved as our candidates would like us to be.  What we offer is an expansive network of clients who we can introduce our candidates to, a knowledgeable staff with years of insurance industry and recruiting experience willing to share those experiences, recommendations or advice, an understanding of the process and how to navigate it and a passion for helping individuals interested in furthering their careers.  We will introduce you to key decision makers, help prepare you for every conversation and assist in every phase of the process from creating your resume to negotiating your contract.  The great thing about working with Capstone is that you, the candidate, remain in control of the entire process with us simply assisting wherever and whenever you need us.

Q.  What is the timeline for the search/placement process?
A.  Each search is unique; making timing one of the more unpredictable elements.  Each candidate, company and position will have characteristics specific to them and these will all have an impact on timing.  Some searches move as quickly as a day or two while others can be several months from start to finish.  As we speak with individual candidates in relation to a given position we can more accurately assess the likely timing for the two sides to come together but this is definitely a case-by-case assessment.

Q.  Is this confidential?
A.  We operate with a high level of confidentiality and discretion. We will not send a resume to a client company without a candidate’s complete knowledge and consent.

Q.  I don’t see an insurance job posted in my area?  Can you still help me?
A.  Yes. If you do not happen to find a current opportunity that interests you or fits your background and experience, please contact us regardless to initiate a relationship as new opportunities continuously become available.

Q.  I applied with Capstone several years ago – should I apply again?
A.  No need to reapply. Just reach out to us at any time about any position in which you have questions.

Q.  Should I send a thank you note or email after a job interview?
A.  Yes, we recommend both. Sending a nice note in the mail is a lost art form that can really remind a company why they like you. The impact of sending a brief, simple note is often underestimated.

Q.  Will you still work with me if you help me secure an offer and I turn it down?
A.  Our job is to make candidates aware of suitable opportunities based on their skills, experiences, interests and expectations. We will consult and guide candidates through the process. Not every situation will turn out to be the right place and the right time. If an offer is secured and declined it in no way will affect how we work with a candidate.


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