RPO Solutions

Each year more companies turn to RPO providers to fulfill their hiring needs.Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a relatively new, yet quickly emerging, recruitment services model that companies are leveraging for various reasons.  Typically the primary business drivers are scalability, process improvement, capability, and cost. Hiring demand normally fluctuates either seasonally and/or during regular business cycles of expansion and contraction. Building a recruitment process can be a time intense expensive proposition, so companies are turning to Recruitment Process Outsourcing firms like ours to leverage our existing expertise, tools, resources, and processes. By outsourcing some or all of the recruiting function, companies are able to improve recruiting performance, drive down cycle times, and drive out costs and inefficiencies.

Why CSG RPO Solutions?

CSG RPO Solutions aids companies to assemble a winning workforce while reducing operating expenses. It further increases value by longer-term retention due to fit achieved not only from skills but also culture and other attributes related to a successful hire.

CSG RPO Solutions provides strategic talent acquisition, offering fully customized, flexible solutions to help organizations meet specific workforce needs.

CSG RPO Solutions is led by a team of experienced recruiting professionals. What sets us apart from other RPOs is that we know your business – insurance. Other RPOs are generalists working across various industries. However we know the insurance industry is unique. And because we understand the insurance industry we are better positioned to assist our clients.

We will assist our clients nationwide on every aspect of the recruiting process including previewing job orders, creating recruiting strategy, advertising, sourcing, looking at internal and external referrals, and cold calling right through the offer process.  We assume ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and the responsibility of results.

Real Benefits of partnering with CSG: 

  • Reduced cost per hire.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Improved recruiting performance.
  • Fully customized solutions.
  • Strategic talent acquisition.
  • Experienced insurance industry specific recruiting professionals.
  • Gain access to our existing expertise, tools, resources, and processes.
  • Benefit of interfacing with the Capstone Search Group’s permanent staffing division and contract division.
  • Ability to outsource part or all of your recruiting function allowing your Human Resources staff to focus on other time sensitive priorities?

 How do you know an RPO is right for you?

  • Are you planning to embark on a heavy recruitment drive?
  • Are you opening a new regional or branch office?
  • Are you staffing up a newly formed subsidiary company?
  • Are you looking to cut costs around agency fees?
  • Does HR not have the right tools in place or processes in place to be efficient?

The market has changed significantly over the last two plus years. Company recruiters lack the resources once available to them and are expected to do more with less. In addition, companies continue to look at ways to cut costs across all departments.

When partnering with CSG RPO Solutions you are joining forces with a reliable and knowledgeable strategic partner. We know the insurance industry. We have a proven track record of recruiting success that spans many years.  Our partnership also gives you the additional resources gained from interface with CSG’s Direct Hire and Contract Employee Solutions. Experience an RPO that understands your industry.  For more information and to discuss your upcoming RPO needs please contact us.


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