Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you seeking to grow your firm?  Is acquiring another line of business, expanding your geographical footprint, or adding additional production via purchasing a firm, team or top producer the right strategy for growth for your firm?

And for the seller — what are you seeking to accomplish?  Are you looking for a cash infusion, room to grow, increased infrastructure or a strategic and well-planned exit strategy?

Regardless of which side of the Merger & Acquisition transaction you are on the importance of making the right moves is paramount to your financial goals and for the futures of your employees and clients.

CSG‘s participation in the M&A arena is a natural extension of our traditional search practice.  We have learned the needs and plans of potential buyers and sellers alike through the course of our work and the establishment of our relationships.  CSG leverages this knowledge for clients to satisfy growth and perpetuation plans.

The critical differentiator for CSG‘s M&A success as compared to the past paradigm of firms is that our philosophy is born out of our traditional recruiting success of assisting our insurance agency clients hire producers with transferable books of business, lift out sales teams and acquire critical mass for a line of business they seek to expand.  Our M&A introductions are treated similarly.  We strive to make this a well thought out process of meeting the goals of both the buyer and the seller to achieve not only a successful transaction, but also an aftermath of success for both parties.

Whether considering making a strategic acquisition or selling your practice, discuss your options with one ofCSG‘s qualified consultants to learn the process and your options for a successful transition.


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