Mary Newgard
Mary Newgard

Your Insurance Agency’s Path to Adopting Remote Employees

What Makes Us Different?

As a small or medium sized insurance agency, I’m not sure that you appreciate what a significant recruiting advantage you gain by offering remote, work at home arrangements. Particularly with Account Managers and Account Executives, you’re really up against it when competing against alpha houses and larger brokers for the same people. Those firms have some serious talent acquisition resources:

  • Deep pockets
  • Human Resources analytics
  • Cloud service recruiting software
  • In-house recruiting teams
  • Brand recognition

If you find it difficult to hire experienced insurance candidates you must figure out What Makes You Different.  Forget about salary, bonus, benefits or PTO.  Creating a strong telecommuting policy could be the most attractive carrot you dangle to prospective and existing employees. 

STEP ONE: Rid your mind of typical objections.Pyramid.png

5. We've never done this before.

4. Our producers need service staff in the office.

3. Everyone will want to work from home.

2. Goodbye teamwork and culture.

1. Service and productivity will suffer.



 STEP TWO: Work out the details with your employees.

  • What variations of remote employees/telecommute/work-at-home do they want?
  • When and how would they utilize the flexibility?
  • Can the agency’s management system, technology and workflows be modified?
  • How are safe and trusting boundaries established?
  • How is productivity and activity monitored?
  • How are the Three Cs fostered: Culture, Communication and Connectivity?

 STEP THREE: Find opportunities to brag.
  • Tout telecommuting as a major soft benefit.
  • Promote on social media.
  • Incorporate into recruiting (careers page, job advertisements, interviews and benefits package outline)
  • Publish employee testimonials.
  • Share with industry sources: Associations, carriers and clients.


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