Mary Newgard
Mary Newgard

When Is The Last Time You’ve Had a “Recruited” Candidate Referral?

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November 20, 2017

One of the most common objections I hear from companies about working with an insurance recruiter is they feel the candidate quality is sub-par. Perhaps you’ve made similar statements: “Recruiters send me the same people I already know or can find on my own” and “All the candidate referrals I see are unemployed people and job hoppers.”

For a long time I’ve struggled to concisely explain how this happens. The easy answer is for me to say it’s not you, it’s them. You’ve worked with a bad recruiter!  The more complex answer is for me to say you’re getting out of the process what you’re putting into it. So, are you really putting a lot into the recruiting process?

Globaloria_Mission_Page_Icon_bulb_orange.pngFor a long time, I’ve struggled to concisely explain how this happens. This morning I had a lightbulb moment while staring at my new Stitch Fix box. I hope this analogy helps. 

Image result for personal shoppingStitch Fix is a personalized styling service. Basically, once every two months I receive a box with five items of clothing. I can choose to keep all or none of it. It’s fun because I get the feeling someone took the time to pick out these pieces just for me. Plus, it’s all a surprise until I open the box.  I set preferences on my style type, wardrobe needs, budget and frequency.  This ensures I’m rarely if ever completely dissatisfied with my shipment. The more satisfied I am the more likely I am to continue the service.

Stitch Fix, Blue Apron, Handy, Birchbox, Bombfell and other businesses that comprise the “Mom-On-Demand” economy exist because consumers want a personalized service.  If I couldn’t share my style preferences, Stitch Fix would probably send me a bunch of leopard, lace and skintight clothing. I’d hate it and never use the product again because that’s not my style. Because I shared what I wanted they hit the nail on the head 95% of the time.

Image result for customized iconHopefully the analogy makes sense.  You’re the consumer and the recruiter is Stitch Fix.  If you don’t share enough about the candidates you want to hire, you’re going to get the equivalent of leopard, lace and skintight short shorts. Those are the candidates hanging around in the market not the recruited ones specific to you.  Also, sharing isn’t just calling when you have a vacancy. It’s when you are thinking ahead to the next hire that you share your thoughts with the recruiter.  Like in my case…..I don’t necessarily need that awesome jacket in my Stitch Fix box (just ask my husband, #closetspace) but I’m going to buy it because it perfectly suits me. I may not have known it was coming (like an unexpectedly awesome candidate) but the minute I saw it (in your case, the candidate's resume) I knew I had to have the jacket (in this case hiring the person).

Can you get that same feeling from the recruiting process?  I think you can! Happy shopping!

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Here is an added snipit about Mary: Recruiter by day. Shopper by night.  Loves surprise packages arriving in the mail (cue husband’s eye roll).

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