The ABCs of Interviews

I may be dating myself here, but how many of you remember the infamous scene in Glengarry Glen Ross when Alec Baldwin talks about ABC standing for Always. Be. Closing. My spin on that for today’s blog is a different idea:

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How to Overcome the Challenges of Location When Hiring

At Capstone we work nationally, which means that at any given time we may be working on a search in any given city across the country. Sometimes a large city, sometimes a large, and unique city, and sometimes a rural area. While many client’s may believe their search is more challenging or unique due to their location, the truth is every search has it’s own individual nuances, location is just one of them. Let's break it down by different types of areas and hone in on the factors you need to keep in mind when searching for your perfect candidate.

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2018 Insurance Industry Recruiting Trends

While we are early in the New Year, we are already beginning to see trends that we believe will hold true throughout a good portion of 2018. Some are good and some are it is going to be important to pay attention if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

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Account Manager or Account Executive? Choosing the Right Candidate Profile

Going back and forth on your next hire?  Let Capstone shed some light to settle on your profile.

There’s a thin line between insurance agencies using Account Manager or Account Executive to describe an experienced service professional.  The insurance industry creates confusion on titles, pay and responsibilities because agencies are plagued by title nuances.  In 10 seconds I amassed 12 titles that describe this agency function:  Analyst, CSR, Account Manager, Associate, Assistant, Specialist, Client Manager, Client Advocate, Consultant, Account Executive, Client Executive and Risk Advisor...

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How Should You Recruit Active and Passive Job Seekers Differently?

What is the difference between an active and a passive job seeker?
Active candidate: actively looking for work. This does not necessarily mean unemployed, but it can.
Passive candidate: employed and not currently seeking out new opportunities.

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How To Get Through Not Knowing A Candidate's Previous Salary History

More and more states are passing legislation making it unlawful for companies to request pay history from a candidate. I am here to tell you that that’s okay! Pay history isn’t really the important variable. 

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Why Is Producer Recruiting SOOOOOOO Frustrating?!

I’m having trouble reconciling several frustrating experiences I had with producer recruiting last week.  I talk to insurance agencies constantly about their recruiting plans.  Their automatic response is, “We’re always looking for good producers.” 

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The Test To Know If Your Insurance Organization Actually Recruits

I love Seinfeld.  I REALLY love Seinfeld.  If you are with me, keep reading, you’re going to like this post.  The best episode is the one with the marine biologist. If you agree, again, congratulations and keep reading. The beginning of the episode is Kramer’s proposal to Jerry and George: Who Wants to Have Some Fun!? 

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Job Postings For Cutting Edge Insurance Positions: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Insurance is an innovative industry. Companies and brokers are constantly reinventing or adding positions based on products, services and market trends. Some of the most exciting jobs hitting the market are ones the majority of insurance organizations are only starting to consider. DeLoitte’s 2017 outlook talked about industry transformation and modernization. We’re going to see a lot more hiring activity in technology, data security, process automation, advanced analytics and regulatory compliance.

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4 Steps to Building A Proactive Insurance Recruiting Strategy

Planning Past the Tip of Your Nose
How to Develop a Proactive Insurance Recruiting Plan in 2018

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How Can You Refresh a Tough Insurance Job Opening?

A few weeks ago I blogged about a Benefits Account Manager opening that an agency had been trying to fill for ten months.  Sometimes we get so far down the mud hole we can’t see a way to climb out.  On that note, I ran a Mud Run once. There’s nothing quite like running a mile in shoes that feel like bricks full of sand, mud and water ----------------------------------------->

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10 Months Later: Benefits Account Manager Opening Remains

Finding it difficult to recruit experienced insurance talent?  You’re not alone.  Below is the story of an insurance agency paralyzed in a search that began as a seemingly basic senior benefits account manager opening.  If you can relate perhaps you can also find a solution by hearing their story.

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Insurance Recruiting: Balancing Long Term vs. Short Term Hiring

A study from McKinsey & Company found that 25 percent of professionals in the insurance industry will retire by 2018, leaving a large talent and experience gap in the industry. So how do you plan for that alongside any and all current openings for immediate hires?

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Talent Recruitment A Top Concern for Insurance Executives


Human capital. Talent acquisition.  Recruiting.  
Call it what you want but finding experienced insurance professionals is only getting more difficult.

In a recent Insurance Journal news report, 57% of insurance executives who attended a MarshBerry conference in May cited “Talent Recruitment” as their answer to What is the top challenge the [insurance] industry faces in the next three to five years?”  

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Insurance Recruiting: Do You Have To Spend More To Get More?

For the casual observer of the NBA playoffs, it may appear as though the Golden State Warriors are a good team playing well together at the right time. If you really dig into it, though, you will find that a big part of the reason this team is even together is a discussion that happened a few years ago. The league met with the players’ union to discuss a new salary cap. That was the true trigger point to a path for the Warriors to open up enough cap space to sign Kevin Durant, who is likely their best player right now on a loaded line-up.

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Client Management Talent: What We’re Seeing In the Insurance Market

Insurance Client Management Talent:  What We’re Seeing Out There
Account Managers and Brookies: The Ultimate 2 in 1 Combos

Why is it so hard to find experienced insurance account managers? While the insurance newswire is dominated with topics like Organic Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions and Producer Perpetuation, the reality is on a daily basis the most difficult position for an agency to fill is Account Manager. It doesn’t matter the discipline (commercial, employee benefits or personal lines),

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Google Your Insurance Producers: Advertising and SEO 101

Any insurance agent can hang their own shingle, but the idea that we’re better together drives salespeople to work for larger insurance agencies.  Historically, companies have recruited producers by touting resources like...

  • Market access
  • Creation of wealth
  • Service
  • Internal resources
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Test Driving Insurance Candidates Before Perm Employment?

Test driving a contractor gives your company the chance to gauge a candidate’s true value within your organization.

In order to stay competitive, evaluating your company’s hiring decisions on a regular basis is critical for your organization’s success. Hiring contract employees can be a beneficial alternative to perm hires for many reasons.

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How to Brand Your Organization to Attract Top Insurance Talent

Just as an insurance candidate needs to a brand themselves during a job search, it is equally important for an insurance organization to think strategically about their branding: 

The Image You Project: Old and Studgy or Up Close and Personal?

For those companies that think it doesn’t matter, the world is changing daily and will quickly pass you by if you’re not careful. Some companies spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money to create their unique brand in the public eye. Here are 4 steps to enhance your branding strategy.

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Why Can’t I Find Good Insurance Producers?

Get Healthy/Get Fit is the top New Year’s Resolution for 2017.  I suspect this is the case most years.  Before January 1st, researchers found a 315% increase online around the search term 'gym.'  An exercise routine is hard to keep up.  Many people start out vigorously and well intentioned.  Very few reach their goals.  We live in an instant gratification society: I want to lose weight. I want to eat that Girl Scout cookie.  I’ll just skip the gym today.  It’s not the goal but the fundamental flaw that derails the process. 

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