Ready To Launch! Five Steps That Kick Off Your Recruiting Project

According to LinkedIn and Careerbuilder, in an ultra-competitive job market you have four seconds to get a candidate's attention. To put that in perspective, other things you can do in four seconds include:

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Recruiting Contracts: The Best Option Based On Insurance Hiring Needs

We don't recommend the 'one size fits all' practice. Recruiting agreements should be designed specifically around your hiring needs which can change at least every year and sometimes far more frequently. You should expect to have more than one type of recruiting agreement on file with a search firm to address distinct categories:

  1. Executive and Management
  2. Sales and Business Development
  3. Client Management/Technical Roles
  4. Contract/Contingency/Remote Workers

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Remote Employees: Who Are They? Do I Need Them? How Do I Manage Them?

There is no minimum distance that defines a remote employee. In fact, in today's workforce anyone who works more than 50% of the time in a non-company office can be considered remote. For insurance, this even begins to describe field underwriting and claims roles given the territory and travel components. Therefore, this article will interchange the terms remotework-at-homevirtual, and telecommuting quite frequently. They are one in the same in regards to importance and management.

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Partnership & Process: Select A Recruiter That Fits Your Business

There over 19,000 staffing and recruiting firms in the United States.  Where do you even begin to identify let alone decide on the best partner for your business? Capstone is counted among those firms, yet we know how our firm stands out.  Some reasons are obvious (we focus exclusively in the insurance industry) and others are more subjective (our ownership, our tenure, our people's gifts and our process).  

Let us help you navigate the very large waters of the staffing industry, so you can make the best decision possible for your business.

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Contract Employees: A Powerful Solution For Insurance Organizations

Capstone is a blended search firm, helping insurance companies, brokers and third-party organizations with the challenges of a market battling talent shortages and significant retirement turnover. We feel strongly in the power of contract employment to address your critical staffing needs.

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What's Your Story? Resume Writing Tips for Insurance Professionals

What's Your Story?
The most common question is, "What Am I Supposed to Write?" Our team's most common response is, "Tell Your Story."  A resume highlights your skills and clearly states your career interests. It's a narrative that describes:

  • Who you are as a professional
  • What you've accomplished
  • Where you want to be moving forward
  • How you can successfully impact an organization
On average, employers take only six seconds to scan a resume. The need to concisely communicate your skills and experience makes the difference between landing an interviewing or landing in the trash.  
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Insurance Agencies Embrace Contract Employees

   And Other Crazy Concepts Like Buying Shampoo on Amazon


A January 2018 NPR/Marist poll found 1 in 5 jobs in America are held by contractor. I’d really love to see the stats on whether this is true for the insurance industry.  Carriers have embraced contractors for years in IT, claims and underwriting.  Agencies….not so much.  Why, you ask?  Avoidance is based on fear, lack of understanding and worry it will adversely affect retention (employee and client).

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