Scot Dickerson
Scot Dickerson

Test Driving Insurance Candidates Before Perm Employment?

test drive 1.jpgTest driving a contractor gives your company the chance to gauge a candidate’s true value within your organization.

In order to stay competitive, evaluating your company’s hiring decisions on a regular basis is critical for your organization’s success. Hiring contract employees can be a beneficial alternative to perm hires for many reasons.

As employment in the insurance industry continues to reach new levels after a tough economic downturn, a staffing agency will recruit the most qualified talent for your organization. Capstone Search Group recruiters are skilled at understanding the functional needs of your company and your culture. We can help you find candidates who will fit with that culture but also possess the necessary technical skills required for the job.

Utilizing our help with talent recruitment will save your team valuable time and resources, giving more attention to your company’s other hiring demands.

What are the scenarios and reasons for using contract employees?

  • Flexibility to hire per project
  • Cost savings
  • Productivity starts immediately
  • Hole in staff due to employee extended leave

What better way to test drive a candidate than to first hire them as a contractor?
We have all come across the candidate who looks great on paper, delivers a tremendous interview, but falls short of expectations once they are on the job… Bringing on an employee as a contractor first is a great way to gage an individual’s true value to your organization. If they do not live up to your expectation, you can amicably part ways once the contract expires.

Capstone Search Group is known for providing flexible contract and contract-to-hire structures to fit your unique needs. When you contract your employees, you’ll be provided with flexible options that align with your current hiring goals. This way you can essentially give your candidates a test run and pre-screen them on the job before making a long-term commitment and employment offer. Take the time to see if candidates fit in with your culture, align with your company’s goals, and whether they fit in with the rest of the team. 

When you develop a relationship with a staffing professional such as Capstone, you’ll develop a strong partnership that can assist with both your organization’s short-term and long-term hiring needs. Because as your staffing partner we will have a deep understanding of your industry and business goals, we will be able to proactively secure talent for upcoming projects and business initiatives.

Ready to learn more? Contracting your staffing needs can have numerous positive benefits for your business. 


Contact Scot about how we can help streamline your hiring process.

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