When Is The Last Time You’ve Had a “Recruited” Candidate Referral?

One of the most common objections I hear from companies about working with an insurance recruiter is they feel the candidate quality is sub-par. Perhaps you’ve made similar statements: “Recruiters send me the same people I already know or can find on my own” and “All the candidate referrals I see are unemployed people and job hoppers.”

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The Test To Know If Your Insurance Organization Actually Recruits

I love Seinfeld.  I REALLY love Seinfeld.  If you are with me, keep reading, you’re going to like this post.  The best episode is the one with the marine biologist. If you agree, again, congratulations and keep reading. The beginning of the episode is Kramer’s proposal to Jerry and George: Who Wants to Have Some Fun!? 

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Job Postings For Cutting Edge Insurance Positions: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Insurance is an innovative industry. Companies and brokers are constantly reinventing or adding positions based on products, services and market trends. Some of the most exciting jobs hitting the market are ones the majority of insurance organizations are only starting to consider. DeLoitte’s 2017 outlook talked about industry transformation and modernization. We’re going to see a lot more hiring activity in technology, data security, process automation, advanced analytics and regulatory compliance.

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My Insurance Agency’s Recruiting is So Hard Because of Our Location

Rural markets aren’t as different from major cities as you might think.

The Human Resources Manager for a Central Coast insurance agency in California recently told me they struggle with recruiting insurance talent because they are in a “rural” market.  They’ve experienced many letdowns when recruiting qualified people who won’t relocate from Los Angeles or the Bay Area.  While I don’t disagree that location is a major factor in recruiting, it’s also worth noting the struggle is real for agencies no matter location. 

When you let this lie become your truth here’s what happens...

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How Do Your Answer Those Terrifying Job Interview Questions?

It is that time of year again. You know, the scary, spooky job search time.  One of the biggest questions we hear here is asking about job interview questions.  Finding a job can be scary and that big interviewe is even scarier. How do you prepare for a job interview? By reviewing these the scariest questions I have put together for you. Plus answers! 

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Scary Truths About Counteroffers

Many people who resign a position find themselves faced with an employer making a counteroffer in the hope of changing their mind.  Everyone perceives this act in a different way but before we can dig too deep into this we have to unpack this step-by-step.

Let’s begin with WHY a company makes a counteroffer.

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4 Steps to Building A Proactive Insurance Recruiting Strategy

Planning Past the Tip of Your Nose
How to Develop a Proactive Insurance Recruiting Plan in 2018

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