Insurance Recruiting: Do You Have To Spend More To Get More?

Posted by Chris Winterboer on Jun 8, 2017 10:04:59 AM

For the casual observer of the NBA playoffs, it may appear as though the Golden State Warriors are a good team playing well together at the right time. If you really dig into it, though, you will find that a big part of the reason this team is even together is a discussion that happened a few years ago. The league met with the players’ union to discuss a new salary cap. That was the true trigger point to a path for the Warriors to open up enough cap space to sign Kevin Durant, who is likely their best player right now on a loaded line-up.

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Client Management Talent: What We’re Seeing In the Insurance Market

Posted by Mary Newgard on May 26, 2017 12:03:48 PM

Insurance Client Management Talent:  What We’re Seeing Out There
Account Managers and Brookies: The Ultimate 2 in 1 Combos

Why is it so hard to find experienced insurance account managers? While the insurance newswire is dominated with topics like Organic Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions and Producer Perpetuation, the reality is on a daily basis the most difficult position for an agency to fill is Account Manager. It doesn’t matter the discipline (commercial, employee benefits or personal lines),

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Your Insurance Agency’s Path to Adopting Remote Employees

Posted by Mary Newgard on May 18, 2017 2:37:53 PM

What Makes Us Different?

As a small or medium sized insurance agency, I’m not sure that you appreciate what a significant recruiting advantage you gain by offering remote, work at home arrangements. Particularly with Account Managers and Account Executives, you’re really up against it when competing against alpha houses and larger brokers for the same people. Those firms have some serious talent acquisition resources:

  • Deep pockets
  • Human Resources analytics
  • Cloud service recruiting software
  • In-house recruiting teams
  • Brand recognition

If you find it difficult to hire experienced insurance candidates you must figure out What Makes You Different.  Forget about salary, bonus, benefits or PTO.  Creating a strong telecommuting policy could be the most attractive carrot you dangle to prospective and existing employees. 

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How Exceptional Leadership Impacts the Insurance Industry

Posted by Scot Dickerson on May 11, 2017 9:10:57 AM

From the numerous conversations I have with insurance executives, there is always one common theme I hear over and over, that being,

Leadership as the top human capital concern.

Given the many factors contributing to an ever changing and uncertain landscape in the insurance industry; including regulatory uncertainty, an increasingly challenging cyber environment, and evolving customer needs, having effective leaders who can provide strategic clarity is crucial.

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How to Avoid Draft Day Mistakes With Insurance Producer Recruiting

Posted by Chris Winterboer on May 3, 2017 12:16:01 PM

It always strikes me curious how people react to their team’s draft choices in the NFL. The armchair QB suddenly knows more than the executives on a team who have put weeks and weeks of research into their draft choices. It often comes down to basic decisions that can also relate to producer recruiting in the insurance industry.

  1. Do you hire the seasoned vet who is going to come with a high price tag and possibly past the twilight of their career?

  2. Do you take a huge risk with organic hires that have little or no proven experience?
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