The Test To Know If Your Insurance Organization Actually Recruits

I love Seinfeld.  I REALLY love Seinfeld.  If you are with me, keep reading, you’re going to like this post.  The best episode is the one with the marine biologist. If you agree, again, congratulations and keep reading. The beginning of the episode is Kramer’s proposal to Jerry and George: Who Wants to Have Some Fun!? 

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Job Postings For Cutting Edge Insurance Positions: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Insurance is an innovative industry. Companies and brokers are constantly reinventing or adding positions based on products, services and market trends. Some of the most exciting jobs hitting the market are ones the majority of insurance organizations are only starting to consider. DeLoitte’s 2017 outlook talked about industry transformation and modernization. We’re going to see a lot more hiring activity in technology, data security, process automation, advanced analytics and regulatory compliance.

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My Insurance Agency’s Recruiting is So Hard Because of Our Location

Rural markets aren’t as different from major cities as you might think.

The Human Resources Manager for a Central Coast insurance agency in California recently told me they struggle with recruiting insurance talent because they are in a “rural” market.  They’ve experienced many letdowns when recruiting qualified people who won’t relocate from Los Angeles or the Bay Area.  While I don’t disagree that location is a major factor in recruiting, it’s also worth noting the struggle is real for agencies no matter location. 

When you let this lie become your truth here’s what happens...

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How Do Your Answer Those Terrifying Job Interview Questions?

It is that time of year again. You know, the scary, spooky job search time.  One of the biggest questions we hear here is asking about job interview questions.  Finding a job can be scary and that big interviewe is even scarier. How do you prepare for a job interview? By reviewing these the scariest questions I have put together for you. Plus answers! 

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Scary Truths About Counteroffers

Many people who resign a position find themselves faced with an employer making a counteroffer in the hope of changing their mind.  Everyone perceives this act in a different way but before we can dig too deep into this we have to unpack this step-by-step.

Let’s begin with WHY a company makes a counteroffer.

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4 Steps to Building A Proactive Insurance Recruiting Strategy

Planning Past the Tip of Your Nose
How to Develop a Proactive Insurance Recruiting Plan in 2018

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Spooked To Start The Insurance Job Search?

The Halloween season brings about lots of change: the leaves on the trees, the cooler weather, and literally even the clothes you wear as you attend parties and Trick-or-Treat nights. It also brings about change in job seekers as the fourth quarter is a time to reflect upon your career.

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How Can You Refresh a Tough Insurance Job Opening?

A few weeks ago I blogged about a Benefits Account Manager opening that an agency had been trying to fill for ten months.  Sometimes we get so far down the mud hole we can’t see a way to climb out.  On that note, I ran a Mud Run once. There’s nothing quite like running a mile in shoes that feel like bricks full of sand, mud and water ----------------------------------------->

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Wanted: Executive Maturity

Insurance Agencies Recruiting Management Talent in Droves for 2018

Up and Comer.  Next Generation.  Future Leader.

Perpetuation gets so much attention when agencies discuss recruiting I’m almost sick of using the term.  People are retiring at a rapid rate from the insurance industry. There’s no debate there.  The problem is when an aging workforce intersects another underlying issue unique to agencies. 

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10 Months Later: Benefits Account Manager Opening Remains

Finding it difficult to recruit experienced insurance talent?  You’re not alone.  Below is the story of an insurance agency paralyzed in a search that began as a seemingly basic senior benefits account manager opening.  If you can relate perhaps you can also find a solution by hearing their story.

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Tips for Getting Your Resume Read

We all know the stats on about how quickly a resume is skimmed before getting moved along or tossed into the trash. Studies vary from 3 or 4 seconds up to 6 or 8 from what I’ve read.  While there perhaps remains a degree of ambiguity as to the precise duration, we can all agree it is very quickly.

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The Fundamental Truths About Insurance Agency Hiring

Doing More Harm Than Good 
One Insurance Agency’s Story About Backchannel References // Insurance Agency Hiring

“I think we made a big mistake”  were the first words spoken to me by an insurance agency executive when recounting the story of a failed reference check.  It was an innocent idea by which the whole mess got started.  She was introduced to a new potential employee.  One of her ex-employees just so happened to work at the same firm as the applicant. Trusting the quality of the intel, they placed a call to their former colleague. 

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Insurance Recruiting: Balancing Long Term vs. Short Term Hiring

A study from McKinsey & Company found that 25 percent of professionals in the insurance industry will retire by 2018, leaving a large talent and experience gap in the industry. So how do you plan for that alongside any and all current openings for immediate hires?

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Using Analytics To Secure Top Insurance Talent

Big data ensures successful hiring.

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Talent Recruitment A Top Concern for Insurance Executives


Human capital. Talent acquisition.  Recruiting.  
Call it what you want but finding experienced insurance professionals is only getting more difficult.

In a recent Insurance Journal news report, 57% of insurance executives who attended a MarshBerry conference in May cited “Talent Recruitment” as their answer to What is the top challenge the [insurance] industry faces in the next three to five years?”  

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Got Insurance Job Search and Career Planning Questions?

CSG Q3 NEWSLETTER: Brace yourself! We are getting ready to embark on the whirlwind that is the 4th quarter. As we jump right in, here's what we are seeing in the market.

FEATURED Q&A + FACT OR FICTION: A series of popular candidate questions followed by breaking down the most common job search myths and truths.

Our Featured Q&A gives you an opportunity to engage with us and get your questions answered on a variety of topics to pertaining to the insurance job search or career planning process.  If you have a question you’d like answered from one of our insurance recruiting consultants, please email us at

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Location is Killing My Insurance Job Search

Earlier this week while preparing an insurance professional candidate for a job interview I mentioned  the  hiring manager’s first question about him concerned his location. The candidate is in western Massachusetts about 60 miles/60 minutes from the client's office.  He lives in a part of the state locals describe as “rural,” which basically means you’re nowhere near Boston and only a fool would commute that far for a job. He said multiple companies haven’t interviewed him because of where he lives.

Location is killing my job search.

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Insurance Recruiting: Do You Have To Spend More To Get More?

For the casual observer of the NBA playoffs, it may appear as though the Golden State Warriors are a good team playing well together at the right time. If you really dig into it, though, you will find that a big part of the reason this team is even together is a discussion that happened a few years ago. The league met with the players’ union to discuss a new salary cap. That was the true trigger point to a path for the Warriors to open up enough cap space to sign Kevin Durant, who is likely their best player right now on a loaded line-up.

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Client Management Talent: What We’re Seeing In the Insurance Market

Insurance Client Management Talent:  What We’re Seeing Out There
Account Managers and Brookies: The Ultimate 2 in 1 Combos

Why is it so hard to find experienced insurance account managers? While the insurance newswire is dominated with topics like Organic Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions and Producer Perpetuation, the reality is on a daily basis the most difficult position for an agency to fill is Account Manager. It doesn’t matter the discipline (commercial, employee benefits or personal lines),

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Your Insurance Agency’s Path to Adopting Remote Employees

What Makes Us Different?

As a small or medium sized insurance agency, I’m not sure that you appreciate what a significant recruiting advantage you gain by offering remote, work at home arrangements. Particularly with Account Managers and Account Executives, you’re really up against it when competing against alpha houses and larger brokers for the same people. Those firms have some serious talent acquisition resources:

  • Deep pockets
  • Human Resources analytics
  • Cloud service recruiting software
  • In-house recruiting teams
  • Brand recognition

If you find it difficult to hire experienced insurance candidates you must figure out What Makes You Different.  Forget about salary, bonus, benefits or PTO.  Creating a strong telecommuting policy could be the most attractive carrot you dangle to prospective and existing employees. 

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