Mary Newgard
Mary Newgard

My Insurance Agency’s Recruiting is So Hard Because of Our Location

Human Resources, Recruiting Strategy

November 1, 2017

Rural markets aren’t as different from major cities as you might think.

The Human Resources Manager for a Central Coast insurance agency in California recently told me they struggle with recruiting insurance talent because they are in a “rural” market.  They’ve experienced many letdowns when recruiting qualified people who won’t relocate from Los Angeles or the Bay Area.  While I don’t disagree that location is a major factor in recruiting, it’s also worth noting the struggle is real for agencies no matter location. 

When you let this lie become your truth here’s what happens...

#1 Recruiting Trap For Insurance Agencies in Top 20 Markets: LOTS OF LOCAL CANDIDATES!!!!!

  • You ignore relocation candidates.
  • Job boards and career pages account for most of your candidate sourcing.
  • The compensation asking price only goes up.
  • Many more and many tougher competitors.
  • Candidates are tapped out. They don’t want to be contacted about job opportunities.

IowaSign.jpgThis is a blog of encouragement! A shout out to all the agency owners in mid-sized and “rural” markets.  I get it.  Des Moines is amazing but a lot of people don’t know that.  Believe it or not I still hear people associating Iowa with potatoes (that’s Idaho) and the Buckeyes (that’s Ohio). 


Biggest Insurance Recruiting Advantages for Insurance Agencies in Mid-Sized Markets:

  • You advertise and engage with relocation candidates. You attract people with ‘coming home’ relocar.jpgstories.
  • You have to build networks and recruit candidates knowing your SEO won’t be as high on job boards. The candidates you talk to are ‘recruited.’
  • Candidates are more inclined to adjust compensation expectations based on cost of living and quality of life factors.
  • There may be a handful of comparable competitors in your area. You easily differentiate your firm with a “Why Us?” value statement.
  • Candidates understand market limitations. They know good opportunities at a certain level in their field don’t come around often. Experienced insurance candidates haven’t been poked, prodded and recruited a million times before.  They are more open to engaging in a conversation.

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