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Amy Stuntz

Kindergarten and Resume Writing

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July 2, 2018

kindergarten-abc-clip-art-10My first-born Paige enters kindergarten this fall.  Seriously, where did time go?  I’m pretty sure the next decade of my life revolves around these truths:  1) I’m her personal Uber driver, 2) Kids only get more expensive and 3) I’m going to need a lot of pens.  You should see the amount of paperwork involved.  I’m pleased to say the paperwork is done; Paige can attend school and has Level 5 CIA clearance. 

Organizing a resume is just as daunting.  I’m guessing you have more than 5 years of life experience like Paige.  If so, you might be wondering how best to arrange your experience especially if you’ve worked in contract roles. These short stints or unusual circumstances trip people up all the time.  Below is my advice for outlining Temp, Long Term Contract, Seasonal Employment or Consulting experience on an insurance resume.


This educates readers on the different type of disciplines or arrangements you’ve worked under. Perfect for seasonal work specialized assignments.

Benefits Enrollment

  • ABC Agency, February 2016-January 2017 
  • XYZ Insurance Company, September 2015-January 2016

 Short Term Assignment

  • CSR, Insurance Agency (2018, 12-weeks for employee’s maternity leave)
  • Cat Claims Adjuster (Hurricane Irma, four months, on-site in Florida)


**The closest to a traditional resume. In place of a company’s name you can substitute the placement/staffing firm.

Capstone Search Group, May 2012 – Present

ACME Insurance Company, Des Moines, IA
Claims Assistant, December 2012-March 2014
Senior Account Manager, May 2012 – December 2012
Administrative Assistant, June 2011-May 2012              


It’s important this section has some meat on the bone. Otherwise HR will assume it’s a fancy way of you saying you’re unemployed. 

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