Mary Newgard
Mary Newgard

Job Postings For Cutting Edge Insurance Positions: Overcoming Writer’s Block

jobdescription.jpgInsurance is an innovative industry. Companies and brokers are constantly reinventing or adding positions based on products, services and market trends. Some of the most exciting jobs hitting the market are ones the majority of insurance organizations are only starting to consider. DeLoitte’s 2017 outlook talked about industry transformation and modernization. We’re going to see a lot more hiring activity in technology, data security, process automation, advanced analytics and regulatory compliance.

As a hiring manager, you’re probably involved in writing a new position’s internal job description. As the recruiter, you’re responsible for translating this into an exciting job posting. 

  • Image resultThe first is easy: A bulleted list of responsibilities and requirements. 
  • The second is much trickier: You need enough information to attract the right candidate without scaring away someone with a non-traditional background.

The Very First Thing You Should Do: Research other similar job postings.

  • A quick Google search will locate these on a number of job boards (LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Careerbuilder and Glassdoor).
  • Check out a competitor’s career page for how they advertise similar jobs.
  • Go to a trusted recruiter’s website. Here’s Capstone's take on a unique position.

Why Is Creative Writing Important For Job Postings?
Last week I saw a woman wearing tight rolled jeans. Nightmares from fashion choices in middle school came flooding in. I thought, “Is that a thing?” Apparently yes according to a quick Google search.  The analogy works with job descriptions too.  If you think it’s weird a company advertises Casual Fridays on a job posting then you haven’t seen a lot of what’s out there on job boards. 

More about me: Business partner, insurance recruiter and love of all things 90’s grunge (except I draw the line at tight rolled jeans!).

Geeking out on job order writing and want more resources?!

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