Scot Dickerson
Scot Dickerson

How to Overcome the Challenges of Location When Hiring

USAAt Capstone we work nationally, which means that at any given time we may be working on a search in any given city across the country. Sometimes a large city, sometimes a large, and unique city, and sometimes a rural area. While many client’s may believe their search is more challenging or unique due to their location, the truth is every search has it’s own individual nuances, location is just one of them. Let's break it down by different types of areas and hone in on the factors you need to keep in mind when searching for your perfect candidate.

Larger City?
You have to factor in traffic patterns and even road conditions to determine if a given candidate resides in an area where they could actually commute to your office. In larger cities it’s not necessarily about the possible pool of candidates, but instead can they get there from here??

cityMetro/Rural Area? 
In some metro areas, and I’ll use Des Moines for example because I actually live in Des Moines, the traffic patterns and distances aren’t the issue as much as the local market and depth of the talent pool. So at times the search has to span, AND SHOULD, outside the area a little more, to include relocation candidates. Then you have the perception of the metro as it isn't unual to get a little push back. Make sure you know everything your metro has to offer.

There are always considerations with every candidate search. Partnering with a recruiter can be the answer to these challenges. A recruiter who takes the time to learn and understand what your potential challenges could be [location or not] and becomes educated about what applies to your company. Once understanding the real and/or perceived challenges allows the recruiter to identify candidates more appropriately and then help the candidate work through any perceptions or misunderstandings they may have about a community.

When hiring a candidate involves relocation, how long a person stays with the company can be influenced partially by how well they understood the area prior to accepting the job and moving to that community.  Front loading with information and addressing all internal considerations in a household will help prevent dissatisfaction. I cannot stress this enough.

“Selling” a candidate on a job and not taking the time to help them become truly comfortable with the community is a recipe for a failed hire.

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