Chris Winterboer
Chris Winterboer

How to Brand Your Organization to Attract Top Insurance Talent

branding spotlight.jpgJust as an insurance candidate needs to a brand themselves during a job search, it is equally important for an insurance organization to think strategically about their branding: 

The Image You Project: Old and Studgy or Up Close and Personal?

For those companies that think it doesn’t matter, the world is changing daily and will quickly pass you by if you’re not careful. Some companies spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money to create their unique brand in the public eye. Here are 4 steps to enhance your branding strategy.

How To Use Your Brand To Attract Top Insurance Talent:

history.png1. Don’t Discount Your Company History.
While I am advocating to potentially do things differently than how you have always done it, it is crucial to remember where you came from. Too many companies try hard to be something new and flashy and forget why so many of their current clients have liked them for many years. It is important to incorporate that into your candidate marketing stategy.

While seeking new customers you don’t alienate the ones you already have; remember this same rule in attracting new employees. Most candidates will appreciate...

  • Stability
  • Long company histories
  • Profiles of leadership 

2. Show And Share Your Culture. social media png mailer.pngOne of the easiest ways to do this is through social media. Post pictures and share your story. Show people that you care and can do it in a fun way. And can a candidate easily learn about your culture from your website?

  • Did you have a company function?
  • Have you recognized a current employee’s contributions or achievements?
  • Did you celebrate a key employee’s birthday with cake on Friday?
  • Are you supporting a local charity?
  • Perhaps you just added a new refrigerator to the breakroom and you provide free soda and water to all employees?
These may seem like a little things to you, but if it is part of the fabric of your culture, be proud of it and tell everyone. 

3. Outline Any and All Soft Benefits You Provide.soft benefits.png
This is the hot topic you continue to read about. While met with resistance with some employers, it is the little things that can attract the right kind of talent. Companies used to fear that going to a 37.5 hour work week or adding paternity benefits would mean people would take advantage of them. The truth is the exact opposite. Employees who receive those benefits tend to feel more loyalty and usually work harder. If you provide any benefits or perks that is above and beyond the typical PTO/medical insurance threshold, it is really important to let people know about those benefits. This post will help with examples of soft benefits.

charlie brown dragon boat race.png4. Show Your Leadership Interacting With Others.
Let people know that the executive team doesn’t sit in an ivory tower, managing with an iron fist and no human interaction. One of my favorite memories from working at an insurance agency was when we all participated in Dragon Boat Races. The CEO of the agency was on one of the teams, organized practices, and had an absolute ball doing it. It created an instant bond with employees and showed that he was one of them. I’ll never forget that.

As an insurance recruiter I have daily conversations with candidates who are considering a new employer, and they alwaysstart by asking for the company's website. That is the first glimpse into the culture of a new firm, and as the old saying goes,

"You only have one chance to make a good first impression."

How are you ensuring that every candidate who finds you, whether directly on your website or on social media, can recognize, understand and appreciate your culture?


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