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How Do Your Answer Those Terrifying Job Interview Questions?

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October 31, 2017

Image result for spooky job searchIt is that time of year again. You know, the scary, spooky job search time.  One of the biggest questions we hear here is asking about job interview questions.  Finding a job can be scary and that big interviewe is even scarier. How do you prepare for a job interview? By reviewing these the scariest questions I have put together for you. Plus answers! 

1. Tell me about yourself.
Image result for spooky job searchThis one is so hard.  Where should I start?  How far back should I go?  Oh no!!! Alright, take a deepbreath and relax. Come up with a quick story and run with it.  By quick I mean no less than two minutes and then move the conversation forward. People who struggle with this are people who are long winded and leave this open ended. It should have a definite story to it and shouldn’t be long.


Image result for spooky job search

2. I see that there is a gap here; what did you do in your time off? 
It doesn’t matter if you were in prison for murdering your mom. You have to own it. There shouldn’t be any questions and it should be quick.  Your answer again should be short, to the point and succinct.  It should be like short and simple like this: 
“Well I took it off to do a once in a lifetime trip. I did three weeks soul surfing in Panama and it was great.  Now I’m ready go back to work.” 



3. If I wanted to stack pennies to the moon, how far would it go?
This one seems really hard.  They are asking an unrealistic question that nobody would know.  Here is the thing...they are looking to see how you solve the problem rather than how you will answer the question.  They are also looking to see how you do when presented with a problem.  This is easy, say that you would pull out your phone and finish the question.

Image result for scary halloween background4. Tell me about your background.
Another tough one, and it is because it makes you think about losing the job when there is a chance, no matter how little, that they won’t ask.  I’m telling you right now, they will ask and they will run the background at some point in the process or after you start. 90% of the time. You have to be up-front and own it (see my pattern here?). If the hiring manager lets you pass then you have someone pushing for you. This is better than the opposite. 

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