Scot Dickerson
Scot Dickerson

How Are You Connecting To Top Talent Today?

Human Resources

August 25, 2016

Geofilter_snapchat.jpgFacebook was filled with “first day of school” photos and chats this week. My son, going into his junior year of high school, even let me take his picture by his car before he headed out on Tuesday.  He wanted to lay across the hood like a calendar model but I told him that was crossing the line.

Popular social media platforms — LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter compete for our attention. Are you vying with your competition for the same pool of expertise using these same platforms as part of your company recruiting strategies?

Did you hear that Snapchat had begun using geofilters (overlays that Snapchat users can put on top of images) in an attempt to poach employees from competitors? The geofilters combined amusing visuals and messages with the web address of Snapchat’s job page, all in the hope that a Twitter engineer taking a quick Snapchat break might come across the targeted “Fly Higher!” message and think, "Hey, maybe it’s time for a change."

The fight for new recruits is intense across all industries. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), late 2015 and thus far into 2016 has been the most difficult hiring period in four years.  But as the Snapchat story establishes, connecting with today’s workforce no longer simply means going to the usual places and doing the usual things.

These days companies must understand the behavior of recruits, and design recruiting strategies that meet them where they are.

Most organizations use social media for recruiting. What this high percentage means is that on the most popular social media platforms — LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter — you’re already vying with your competition for the same pool of expertise.

  1. So venture out. Connect with other online platforms where people gather for the pleasure of sharing knowledge.

  2. Go on a platform connected to the industry you’re recruiting for, and then look for people who are using the platform to have smart, relevant conversations. If you are impressed by someone’s questions, answers, or other posts, you may just have identified a potentially valuable employee.

  3. If your target hires are Millennials, keep in mind this group values purpose over paycheck. Your goal with this group is to spread the message that your company offers fascinating projects that will affect the world in positive ways. In addition, humor is one of the most effective ways to connect with this age group.

Connecting to top talent today is about reimagining the possibilities of leveraging all kinds of networks. It’s about connecting in the right places and with the right attitude. Current employees can tell you which sites they use to connect with like-minded individuals, and they can also help you to launch networks that are organized to meet your company’s specific needs.



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