Mary Newgard
Mary Newgard

Hiring VS. Recruiting

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HIRING VS. RECRUITING: Is it just semantics for you?

Even the largest companies with unlimited resources develop a false notion that successful hires mean they recruit.  In actuality, a string of hires can prove nothing more than you’ve mastered process efficiency. While structure is important, the challenge for insurance companies and agencies is breaking free from what’s comfortable. 

You can turn a hiring mentality into recruiting.  The kick starters are creativity and motion.  Recruiting is a physical process. You roll up your sleeves, pick up the phone, get out of the office and make your mark.  You become intriguing to candidates and unpredictable to competitors. 

Insurance organizations that successfully recruit share these common traits:

  1. Every level of management is engaged and positively influences the process. 
  2. Hiring managers are concerned with furthering the company’s brand and mission more so than a singular hire.
  3. Employee referrals account for at least 20% of all hires. (LinkedIn Global Talent Survey, 2016)
  4. On average, 15 external sources are utilized to find candidates (CareerBuilder, August 2016) managed through an ATS/CMS and a dedicated resource team.
  5. Common hiring mistakes are replaced with well written and engaging job descriptions, a perfectly paced interview process and a high level of engagement between applicant and employees.

The easiest way to stop hiring and start recruiting is to acknowledge areas for improvement.  Could you improve the applicant’s interview experience?  Is what your company offers attractive to job seekers?  Start with hot button issues like Remote Working Arrangements and Soft Benefits


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