Amy Stuntz
Amy Stuntz

Contract Employees: A Powerful Solution For Insurance Organizations

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April 1, 2019

Capstone is a blended search firm, helping insurance companies, brokers and third-party organizations with the challenges of a market battling talent shortages and significant retirement turnover. We feel strongly in the power of contract employment to address your critical staffing needs.

Why You Should Embrace and Integrate Contract Employees

  1. The best solution interim needs
  2. Attract specialized disciplines
  3. Cost-creative and cost-effective solutions
  4. Project-specific labor
  5. Alleviate staffing concerns during times of uncertainty (M&A, catastrophe and mass exodus)
  6. Diminish the effect location has on obtaining experienced talent


How To Evaluate Contract Staffing Needs
During strategic planning sessions and year-end budget planning, gather information pertaining to your company's spend on personnel, training, technology, taxes, insurance and unemployment. Find ways to reduce those costs and liabilities by testing permanent positions under contract arrangements.


Whether you have a short term opening due to a specific project or need a long-term contract employee, Capstone can assist you with identifying skilled insurance professionals. Oftentimes location is the biggest issue in attracting top insurance talent, but with advanced technology, virtual and contingent employees are becoming a huge part of 'the norm'.

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