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Choosing The Right Recruiter For Your Job Search

What are the biggest life decisions you can make? In no particular order, these come to mind for me:

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Managing a Job Search through Holidays like Spring Break or Christmas

So, I was working with a candidate the other day and he mentioned spring break.  He is taking a ten day trip and he wondered.  Should I even be doing this right now?  In some ways I get it.  Spring Break and the holidays are some of the busiest times of the year.  I spent the last week getting ready to leave and today I even thought to myself.  Is this worth it?  I’m sure that I’ll have a great time next week but seriously, between fighting with my wife and dealing with the stress there have been some times.  

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The Trap of Soft Benefits

One of the best changes I’ve seen in the job market the last couple of years is the inclusion of soft benefits.  A lot of companies have really changed their tune when it comes to this. It costs the company virtually nothing and the company gets to act like they really care about their employees.Examples of soft benefits include:

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I just helped a great candidate make a move – what you can learn from them!

So I’m really excited!  I just placed a producer with an awesome client.  It was a ten month search and we had been going back and forth since November.  I’m both thankful and relieved that we finally got this done.  However, looking back there were some really great things that happened that you should remember to cover when you are closing on a new job!

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Why Were You Fired? Plus Other Awkward Interview Questions

So we’ve all been there.  You are in an interview and the hiring manager asks a question that has an embarrassing answer.  You, being unprepared, answer awkwardly making everyone feel uncomfortable.  You don’t get the job.  How do you stop this endless cycle of misery?  It’s actually really easy – prepare for your interview and anticipate the hard questions.  

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An Interview That Went Nowhere

I recently worked with a great candidate who found himself in an awful interview situation.  His search was entering its fifth month.  To date he had interviewed with an insurance agency five times, had discussed an offer and was working on relocation.  There was one problem though – the company never created a formal offer.  As you can imagine, it’s kind of tough to sign off on moving expenses and resign unless you have that.  They kept making excuses like, “Well, you just showed up a little sooner than we thought we’d find someone.”  In fact, the agency hadn’t even let go of the person he was supposed to replace.  I worked with him in this process and grew equally as frustrated. In retrospect, we should have cut and run a long time ago. 

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How long should a resume be?

One of the most frequent questions I receive is about resume length.  How long should a resume be?   Unfortunately, it isn’t a simple answer as your resume should be as long as it needs to be.  In the past when people actually sent paper resumes – in the mail – it was pretty set that your resume should only be one page.  However, we now live in a digital world and I think that his affords you a little more freedom.  However, this doesn’t change the purpose of your resume – it is an advertisement to get someone to call you and ask for more information.   This is the key concept that you need to remember.  Again, I’ll repeat, your resume is an advertisement to make someone want to learn more and is not your life story.  So, how do you decide what is important?

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A Questionable Non-Compete? Leaving Your Agency With Your Book

So it happened!  You have decided that you want to leave your agency.  Congratulations – you just decided to enter the murky world of non-competes!  What should you do first?  Where should you look?  Below are some answers to your burning questions!

Scan your environment

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Juggling Multiple Interviews?! Three Tips For An Organized Job Search.

You’ve landed interviews with multiple companies. Congratulations! You need volume to accomplish your goal of finding your next great career opportunity. The drawback is keeping everything organized. It's not just your schedule but all 1, 2, or 5 hiring managers all trying to line up on the same day and time.

Take a deep breath and remember my advice:

  1. This is a temporary season. Just as fast the faucet turns on it can turn off.
  2. Ask companies to outline their process so you know what to expect.
  3. You can set boundaries. Give companies the best days/times that typically work for you.
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How Do Your Answer Those Terrifying Job Interview Questions?

It is that time of year again. You know, the scary, spooky job search time.  One of the biggest questions we hear here is asking about job interview questions.  Finding a job can be scary and that big interviewe is even scarier. How do you prepare for a job interview? By reviewing these the scariest questions I have put together for you. Plus answers! 

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Counteroffers- Mistakes, Missteps and Why They Aren't A Great Career Solution

Counteroffers: An All Too Common Story
A recent candidate who I had helped secure a new job was really excited about their new company and was going to be starting in a week. Five days before their first day their former boss reached out and and offered:

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That's Not Enough Money! Five Ways to Approach A Bad Job Offer.

One of my candidates recently shared a story with me about his last job. A very successful and qualified professional, he received a bad offer from an insurance agency. What was his response? To laugh at the hiring manager, act insulted and tell them that they would have to come up with something better to get him. After all…he is unique and highly skilled.

Would you handle the situation similarly? I'm guessing you would say no, but if that was everyone's answer these examples wouldn't exist. From time to time, emotions get the best of us. When you're invested in a job search, this situation plays out more often than you think. 

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How Can I Enhance My Career With Social Media

Social Media impacts your career. 

Oftentimes we hear about how it impacts your career negatively; however, if you take control of your social media and use it to your can help you get ahead!  

Here are 5 tips on using social media to enhance your career:


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Crafting Your LinkedIn Biography

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social outreach tools.  Its utility is almost unlimited as it can accomplish an array of different things.  Among its potential uses are:

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Resignations: How to Share the News and Prepare for the Response

I recently had a candidate resign from a job and it was a less than pleasant experience.  After talking to the individual it got me thinking about how unprepared so many of us are for this act.  Compared to all of the other activities involved in a job search, the resignation is almost an afterthought.  

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One Job Interview Secret That Will Help You Land That Job

I recently read a good article about connecting with others.  It was called 11 Surefire Ways to Instantly Connect with Anyone – it’s a great read and you definitely should have a look.  The article got me thinking about how it applies to interviewing.

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Lying On Your Resume - How Big Of A Deal Is This?


I recently read a great article from Sam Becker that talks about the Hloom project.  Essentially, the Hloom project surveyed 2,000 hiring managers and employees about lying on your resume and how serious of a problem it is.  The response?  It's a big deal!  Below are the links to both of them: Read More